Bulk SMS Prices

Bulk SMS Prices And How To Buy SMS Units From Nairalearn

We offer affordable Bulk SMS Service and our SMS Unit Price is the cheapest around the Africa Continent, we accept payment for SMS Units in Naira (NGN) By default, though you can also make payment for SMS Units in U.S Dollar


To make payment in Naira Use Below account, 

Account Name: NL SOFT

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0427252159

Bulk SMS Prices

For US Dollars, please kindly contact us on Whatsapp +2348068608490 and our Dollar account will be sent to you. SEE Below Our Naira account

Account Name: NL SOFT

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0427252159


For payment in dollars, please kindly Save our Mobile support line at +2348068608490 and get in touch with us live on WhatsApp, Yes we also accept payments in Naira, Dollar or Paypal


Our SMS Pricing and units are calculated by default in Naira, this is simple because we are proudly Nigeria Model Tech startup, providing bulk sms service to Nigerians, to the global world, to Africa Nations at an affordable prices both to Individuals and organizations


With our Bulk SMS, you can send thousands to millions of SMS messages to all Networks in Nigeria, to all Network in Africa and over 600+ network carriers across the global world, remember to send Bulk SMS You to Create Bulk SMS Account, if your already have an account, all you need is to Login Here And Send Bulk SMS

Below Is Naira Learn Bulk SMS Unit Price 1 Credit = ₦3.5

500 SMS Units Credits₦1,750
1000 SMS Units Credits₦3,500
2000 SMS Units Credits₦7,000
5000 SMS Units Credits₦17,500
10,000 SMS Units Credits₦35,000
50,000 SMS Units Credits₦175,000
100,000 SMS Units Credits₦350,000
500,000 SMS Units Credits₦1,750,000
1,000,000 SMS Units Credits₦3,500,000
For 2 Millions SMS Units AboveContact Us For Price

Our Contact Line is below

Mobile Call and Whatsapp +2348068608490 or +2348022529152

We are avaliable 24/7 and will be more than glad to hear from you. Cheers from all of us NL SOFT Owmer’s of Nairalearn

July 29, 2022

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