New Guidelines For Email Marketing

Your email marketing won’t work effectively anymore unless you follow these 3 new guidelines from Google, Yahoo, SMTP providers, and Email marketing platforms


Google, Yahoo SMTPs’s And Email Marketing Platforms are making changes to email marketing niche that you need to take note of


Especially for marketers who are sending out email blasts of over 5000 or more to people daily. 


The new guidelines read that

When it comes to your email marketing campaigns, the first is your emails need to be under a spam threshold limit. 


That limit is ideally .1% or lower. It can’t go above .3% or higher or else your emails won’t be getting placed in people’s inbox, not until it leaves the spam threshold.


The second guideline is that

Google, Yahoo, SMPT Providers, and Email Marketing Platforms, all want you to authenticate your email, including the domain name you are using to send the email out


They want to make sure it is you sending out the emails and not someone pretending to be you, not someone spamming your name or your domain email clients. 


So they need you to activate, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC which are the ways you let email clients know that it is you sending the emails and your email is legit. 


Thirdly, the good news is that

These new guidelines for email marketing are easier to get, most domain name providers also offer that


So let’s say, your domain provider, such as Namecheap, Godaddy, etc can help with this prompt.


So if you have been using email marketing to reach your audience or planning on using email marketing to reach more people promoting your business


Consider these guidelines, to make it easy for your email to reach people’s inboxes, and also for people to opt-out from your leads whenever they feel to. 

New Guidelines For Email Marketing

So at the footer end of your email contents, having a one-click unsubscribe button is obvious you also have to remove people from your email list within 2 days if they email you to do so. You have to.


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