Here Are Google’s Biggest Change In Digital Marketing

Google is bringing the biggest change in digital marketing and here few facts you should know


While knowing these is important, please make sure you apply them to your digital marketing platform should you want to remain in business in the next coming months/years ranking across the search engine in your various optimized keywords in search queries


Now pay attention to what am about to say here, there are important and may be simple, direct as well effective when you put them into practice


So pay attention and put them into practice to keep your business safe in the coming months/years


Should you want your online business to keep getting high-quality traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc?


If you are reading this irrespective of where you are reading from, Google is making one of the biggest changes in digital marketing. 


The online business lately is no longer business as usual, a lot is changing even as AI tech is redefining the future of tech businesses


There are so many changes happening right now in digital marketing spheres As Danny Sullivan from Google said, “buckle up”! every online business owner should buckle up


Because the algorithm rollout is going to be big, and massive, what Google used in ranking platforms months/years ago will no longer be considered


More thousands to millions of websites will be delisted across search engines even down to inactive emails and YouTube channels that have not been active will lose their ranking


While emails accounts that have not been active will get delisted by the end of this year 2023


So a lot is changing, including delisting from websites that have not been following the recent thread across Google all updates for this year alone


While the most recent industry trends, including Search engine directory algorithm updates, AI tech, new tools, and what you need to do to adapt to the latest changes and keep your digital platform safe


Starting from knowing more about these Important Google algorithm updates and how to reposition your platform


The New social media marketing trends and updated algorithm, to how content discovery is changing when compared to years back


And much more! important things you should know as a digital marketer, blogger, or content creator, let’s say someone whose business is listed online

You must know about all these ongoing changes and more importantly how to adjust your site (Platform) based on where Google is heading. 


How to reoptimize your digital marketing based on where Google is heading


Yes, a lot of people believe that AI is taking over, but don’t ignore the fact that even Google as of date, also operates based on AI, most of the big tech today including YouTube, Facebook, X_Twitter, Bing, Microsoft all operate now based on AI


So much is still needed that you pay attention to all these happening across Google and reposition your business based on where these changes are heading to


Now let me take you back to the year 2000 when Google made one of the biggest changes that affected digital marketing for almost a decade and


In the Year 2000 Google’s Biggest Changes In Digital Marketing: 

Was simple, they role out the Ads Network platform, making it an open-source


Google’s biggest change in digital marketing was the introduction of Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) in 2000.


This platform drastically transformed the digital marketing landscape by offering targeted search advertising, turning searches into revenue opportunities for businesses.


Furthermore, it introduced measurable metrics with real-time tracking – a game-changing approach that made digital advertising more accessible and effective to both advertisers and merchants.


It was then a win-win for all partners, including bloggers, publishers, YouTubers, and SEO Professionals. Almost everyone benefited because they understood how the game was


Then Followed By the year 2019, When Google Changes In Digital Marketing Role Out Again

In the year 2019, Google further revolutionized its platform with the shift to machine learning. Being the year Google released its AI machine learning


First It launched Smart Bidding, an automated bid strategy using machine learning algorithms to optimize conversions, part behaviors, or conversion value in each auction—a feature known as “auction-time bidding”. This was how Google started relying on AI


These changes have significantly altered online advertising strategies and campaigns, providing insights into search patterns, consumer behavior, and user demographics and ultimately delivering a more personalized ad experience to individuals worldwide.


Overall, Google continues to pioneer shifts within the digital marketing industry shaping how digital businesses connect with their audiences across the globe


Fast To 2023, Google’s Biggest Changes Are As Follows

If you may ask. What is Google’s Biggest Change In Digital Marketing Lately? and how the today’s online business ranking done? Just Take Notes Of The Followings


  • 1: Updated: Is all about how updated is your platform: It simply how updated is your online platform


  • 2: Helpful: How helpful are the contents across your platform, and more importantly 


  • 3: Topicals: How topical-related are the contents in your platform 


Also, try not to spam your platform with unnecessary content, don’t copy content from other platforms and paste the content on yours, or use AI-generated content without human-touched


So let’s throw more light on these changes and how Google is changing digital marketing today

To keep appearing on Google search research lately, should your business platform have been running for more than 3 years, is important that the contents across your platform are well-updated


Should you have a business that has been running for more than 3 years, you may need to return to your portal and start updating your already published content


Yes the previously published content needs to be updated regularly, so go back, search, and update them one after the others


Make an update of those contents to the latest threads and facts, remove the outdated contents, and replace them with new ones


Also, make sure the focus of your content is not on driving traffic alone as the years when high-quality content wins the SERP results have come and gone. Today what wins are “How Helpful Is Your Contents”


What normally wins today is how helpful is your content to humans, your content can be short, direct to the point, with facts and figures, and as long such content is helpful to us humans, it’s ok to google with assurance that Google will rank it


And don’t forget about what I have said repeatedly, that Topical mapping is the goal. You should learn more about topical mapping and apply these strategies of digital marketing to your platform should you want Google search to keep working for you


So involved in publishing highly related topics in a specific niche market your platform is targeting, do these regularly, repeatedly, and consistently, and watch how your platform grows in today’s digital world


You can still be massively successful when you apply even if is just 10 percent of what I have said in this post. 

Google's Biggest Change In Digital Marketing

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