How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts

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How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts


As the World goes into war with an unknown enemy ”coronavirus” and the pandemic continues across the world, the best, most common, and truly important advice is to Stay at home, Stay inside, Stay Safe And save lives and lean on this article How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts 


how to start a work from home business, 7 basic facts, Nairalearn


I know it’s hard, but please stay at home it is for the good of you, your family and all of us. So together we can win the virus, we’ll get through this.


I want to talk on How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts. All you need do is to read through the article and take action, make plans to start your own work from home business while you stay safe at home and be useful. 


You see

There are a lot of business you can do from home, provided you have access to the internet, you have an electric power supply with your smartphone or computer system believe me you are good to go


So Here We Go The How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts. Starting With Fact #1


#1: Having A Niche Market

Having a Niche Market is our #1 how to start a work from home business, 7 Basic Facts, reasons been that. 90% of the work from home business is done online targeting the internet community


So for you to be able to do business effectively online and earn legitimately from home, YOU MUST HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO OFFER to the online community, you must have a niche market in which your work from home business is focusing


how to start a work from home business


Our people said, Repetition is the backbone of learning, so you may find me repeating some of my statements here.


So hear this once again

To Work From Home and Earn Money From Home Legitimately, you must have something in the form of business products or services to offer the online community.


You must define your area of the niche market. for example

My Name is Mbonu Watson and am a Programmer/Internet Marketer, as a programmer I work from home offering services and product worldwide with 80% satisfied international clients all over the world. I Thank God For His Grace


And here is the reality, I work 90% from home, yes from anywhere in the world, while offering my Niche being Mobile Application And Website Development Service to the entire world


I know some of you will be asking. What Is Niche Market, well below is just but simple definition of what I mean by Niche Market:


Understanding What I Mean By Niche Market:

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment


And the good news is that there are thousands plus of the niche market products and services that you can grab your hands on and start your own work from home business


In one of our online course titles The Digital Marketing Academy Kit, We Have listed thousands plus of niche market products and services you can grab your hands and start your own work from home business. 


Haven said that let move to our #2 How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts being Content Authoring And Publishing


#2: Contents Authoring And Publishing

To start your own work from home business, there is a need for you to understand contents authoring and publishing benefits to your online business


I Understand the question going on in your mind, being WHAT IS CONTENT AUTHORING AND PUBLISHING?, See Answer Below


Understanding Content Authoring And Publishing is simple the process of writing articles, designing pictures, creating Videos about your work from home niche market products and services



If you have something to sell online, basic understanding of contents authoring, state that. you should first write something about the business product and service, not just to write, you should also back up your writing with pictures and videos about your business


how to start a work from home business, 7 basic facts 2

So the process of putting your writings, pictures, and video together define what I mean by contents authoring and hear this, online business is not just about creating this contents, is all about creating and publishing


As a work from home newbie and professional, you should always be able to create contents authoring and publishing or best hire a content creator freelancer to do the work for you, while you leverage his or her time


So Far So Good we are progressing on this topic How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts and here is our #3 SEO Optimization


#3: SEO Optimization Of Your Contents

Yes o, as a work from home professional SEO Optimization of your contents is one important area you must strive to leveraged and never fail


how to start a work from home business, 7 basic facts 3


Here is how SEO Optimization Of  Your Contents Works. on the online world, I mean the make money online, there are two people involved, The Online Human Community And The Online Robot Community


And as a work from home wanna be, you must strive to meet the needs of these two online community, you must optimize your contents for both humans and the robot


For Example

Two categories of people use the internet. One is the humans and the other is the robot, humans use the internet for various reasons, 


While the robot uses the internet for two things. 1 To index contents and 2: To Steal Information


So your role here is to create high earn contents that solve humans need, once your contents solve humans need, don’t worry much about the robot needs, as the robot will come to your contents and index it accordingly


By so doing you will be getting lead traffic across the Search Engine directories, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc and each time someone goes to any of this search directories and type in your content focus keywords your website stand a chance of appearing on the top page which mean money 


#4: Adverting, How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts

If you want to make the good money and reinvest the money to work for you AS YOU PLAN To Start your own work from home business. you must leverage both the power of free advertisement and paid Ads


In other words, you should be advertising your business products and service across the internet 

Visit To Advertise Your Business and Service free



#5: Targeted Traffic:

In Advertisement And Marketing online, there is one thing you should know and take home that being. Targeted Traffic


How to start a work from home business and earn from home can be fun and stress free if you understand how to leverage the power of targeted marketing


For Example: If You Want To Market To Lagos residents only, Lagos is a state in Nigeria, so if you want to market to Lagosians only, all you need do is to get the Logos State GSM Database Here


With direct access to Logos Nigeria GSM Database Mobile Phones Numbers and Users, you can use Bulk SMS AND Bulk Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to reach them directly on their phone


For your GSM NUMBER DATABASE, Email Database And Business Owners Database In Nigeria Click Here


If You Want The Whatsapp Bulk Sender App, Kindly Click Here For More

So Next On Our How To Start A Work From Home Business, 7 Basic Facts Is #6, Being LEADS


#6: LEAD Generation:

I will use simple language here so you too can understand what I mean by leads generation

As you start your work from home business, provided that you have gotten a niche, has started your contents authoring and publishing, SEO Optimization Of Contents, Advertising, keeping to the targeted traffic, the lead will surely come


How to start a work from home business, 7 basic facts 4


And this leads always come by being people signing up to your email list, following you across your esocial handler, calling you or best whatsapping your mobile phones for more inquires, buying your business products and services as well


When all this is taking place, take the lead by building databases of all the people that contacted you, be it those that contacted you via the whatsapp, emails and phone calls.


On those that contacted you via the phone. just jot down their phone numbers and add them up to your WhatsApp and bulk SMS campaigns, while you add up the emails of those that contacted you on your email campaigns


As long as you are building your lead generation right, do your self good to also be following them up with smart marketing campaigns on weekly basis


#7: Conversion:

An Africa man said the essence of getting a wife is to have children who will take over there name and keep their linage going


how to start a work from home business, nairalearn


So it’s on work from home business, the essence of you starting work from home business is to make money. yes to make good money as no business can succeed without profits, so by every means necessary, make money legitimately from home


Your primary focus should be on your conversion rate, how much is your weekly income, how about your monthly income, you should be able to check your income and profit rate, investment and profit rate, in some cases, just like every other business offline, an online business also have it loses, so also be checking your loses and areas of marketing that are not generating traffics for you


In also, as you start earning from your online business, always reinvest more, don’t flex and eat up all the money with the hope that your work from home business will always generate more income for you


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