Nigeria First National Anthem -October 1960. Video

Nigeria First National Anthem October 1960. Video

Below is the lyric of the Nigeria First National Anthem, also watch the video of the anthem attached to this post in a moment when a supposedly great country called Nigeria was birthed

Nigeria First National Anthem

The Lyric

Nigeria we hail thee

Our own dear Native land

Though tribe and tongue may differ

In brotherhood, we stand

Nigerians all are proud to serve

Our sovereign Motherland.

Our Flag shall be a symbol 

That truth and justice reign 

In peace or battle honored 

And this we count as gain

To hand unto our Children 

A banner without Stain.

O God of all creation 

Grant this our one request 

Help us to build a Nation, where no man is oppressed 

And so with Peace and Plenty

Nigeria may be blessed

That was the moment when the hope of a great nation was birthed in 1960, but has not yet truly shine

Now Watch The : Nigeria First National Anthem Sang October 1960. Video

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