The Secret Of Business Success In Our Today Internet World

The Secret Of Business Success In Our Today Internet World

Dear Friend:

Just to share with you one simple secret of business success in the today internet world, believe me, these works like magic

If only you will have the patience to read this article line by line, words by words, making sure you read it up-til the end and best put the content therein into action

For actions is what makes the real differences

So You See!!!

The secret is as simple as you Treating Your Business Just Like a Human being, see your business as you see every other living being, takes your business needs just the way you do prioritize your basic and advances needs 

And make sure when it comes to needs, that of your business is taken care of more when compared to your personal needs

The Secret Of Business Success In Our Today Internet World

This was a lesson I learn from one of my Mentor the Bill Gates, A Man and Investor that I love so much

So one day I was listening to Bill Gates in an interview he granted, he indeed said a lot of things that very day, but one that got my attention was, when he was asked, how much does he worth

His reply was simple, and it goes like

Is funny when people ask me how much do I worth, the question should be forwarded to my employer’s, the Microsoft Corporation

You see he now continue to answer, 

Am just an employee, so there is a big difference between Microsoft Corporation the company I work for, and the man Bill Gates

There are two both different people and there are treated differently


Yes, I treat both differently and I treat them as humans, the company Microsoft Corporation pays me. so it will be best if you present the question to them.


But hear this

One reason why many successful small business owners never become bigger

Is simple them not treating their business like humans, they don’t care most about the needs of their business more about how they care for their personal needs

They place their personal needs above their business, they don’t advertise their business offline come to talk of online, but they do show themselves up to impress others, they don’t feed their business but they feed themselves daily

They in most cases don’t care about the business needs but thinks about their own needs daily and make sure their daily needs are all meant

The Secret Of Business Success In Our Today Internet World

There are a lot of small [and even medium-size] business owners who are very successful at what they do, and yet they never scale up their business

Their business never grow to become national or even have a business that would be listed as being successful locally or globally


Why is that?

One reason is that they begin to focus on their comfort ahead of the business. they care more about their personal needs when compare to the business need

They build a house, buy a farm, a better car, holidays and so on. The business exists to fund their ever-increasing needs, they take more from the business while giving small or possible nothing back to the business

The business does take care of them, their needs, their family which are all nice, but they don’t as much take care of the business need

Please do understand me, there is nothing wrong with one taking care of his personal needs, family, and even friends. Nothing is wrong with it!

 If that is what you want. It is after all your money. And I would never criticize anyone for what they do with their money

Just a word of advice though: If you want to build a big, big business, national or global business, you need to defer some of that stuff. Things like houses, cars, fun cruising, and holidays, divert capital spending from your personal needs to form your business.

If your business has not yet gotten enough exposure, then there is no need you wearing expensive wears, save up more, and classified your business in Local Ads, Internet Ads, leveraging all forms of advertisement medium to super drive your business to the market audiences in need of your business products and services

Yes focus on growing your business faster, make plans for effective marketing and promotions of your business, by getting the GSM Numbers Database, Email Database, and The Nigeria Business Directory Database

GSM Number, Email Database, GSM Database of Nigeria

Also, make plans to have a website, a business website should your business don’t have any, work on your business online classified and visibilities, spend more on SEO, Possible hire an SEO Expert to work on your business or get the Search Engine Optimization Course


The reality is, 80% sure successful online search takes place via a google search and YouTube search quarries, so pay attention to your business search engine indexing or best hire Mbonu Watson C An SEO Expect to carry out an in-depth SEO Analysis for your business and best help you optimize your business online. You can also get in touch with NL_SOFT Developers via WhatsApp +2348022529152


When you are growing your business, you should learn to push every naira and kobo, dollar, and cent into growing the business. dont just leave your business in the hands of fate


ALSO, Learn Digital marketing by getting the course Digital marketing academy here, the future of every successful business is online go to AfriNOTES Directory and List your business online for free, this will also bring you massive traffic to your business

I always had one objective: to list your business online using the Business directory portal and Classified websites, and then get paid in dividends and capital growth. I hoped this helps

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Don’t compete with your own business for capital because your business will lose, learn to put your business above every other needs


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