Web traffic Tips, Easy Way- By NairaLearn

Web traffic Tips, Easy Way, If you are a novice, here are a few tips that might help you get some Web traffic and grow your platform- By NairaLearn

Being a novice website developer the hardest part of creating a new website is getting actual people to visit and navigate around your websites and more importantly always getting returning visitors back to your website on daily basis.


Contents are the key, yes quality contents is the king, but coming up with the next great idea contents seems to be the easy part but it will never be a real success if you are the only person reading your work. As all publish quality contents need real traffics of people that will access and read them up on daily basis.

I have been doing some experimenting with this problem and here are some of the things that seem to work for me. once web traffic is mentioned


1. Social Bookmarking – this is my number one pick because in large it has brought the Lions to share the traffic to my site, there are some great sites that do this

You can google such site using the keyword, ( Social Bookmarking ) as your search quarries

Social bookmarking is my favorite, and it seems to be one of the most popular at the moment you can submit a link to one of your stories with a brief description and if it interests the rests of the social bookmarking directories you might make it to the homepage.


2. Article Directories – I have to admit that there are a lot of crappy articles on most article directories so if you put your well-written article on one it is bound to get snapped up by hundreds of content starved websites looking for new stories all they will all have backlinks pointing back to your website.

Article Directories seems to be one of the greatest ways of getting quality and targeted traffic to your website, but here, in other to get a good result from article directories, you must get your article writing process right not just writing anyhow article, but writing an articles full of quality contents, uniques and provides solutions to problems facing our society.

3. Forums Posting – This has got to be the most time consuming one if you do it correctly you must find people who might have some interest in your site, in my case those are computer related forums and I try to help people with there computer problems and drop a link to my site in the signature box.

Be careful with this one please don’t spam forums with a bunch of junk just to get your link out there if you can add to a discussion or help another member most forum admins will not have any problems with you putting a link in your signature or adding source link that links back to your website.

4. Website crawled – This is one of the hardest things to do but it has the potential to pay off big if you get a good ranking from Google.

One thing that needs to be checked is your Robots.txt file this allows search engine spiders to correctly craw your pages a more detailed article on the subject can be found here SEO MASTERCLASS

5. Directory Submissions – Submit your site to human edited web directories, You Can Get Access To Over 100+ Active Directories Submissions site. Directory Submission will help your page rank and may even get you some traffic. just give it a try by Getting The SEO MASTERCLASS HERE

6. Link trading- Most sites with similar interests as yours will be more than happy to add a link to your site as long as you provide them with a reciprocal link. So link exchange is another great way of building web traffic


Here are our values tips for generating quality web traffic known as BulkSMS Marketing. Bulk SMS Marketing Is Another great way of generating quality traffic back to your website



First, all you need is quality and targeted Active GSM NUMBERS And you can get the Entire GSM Numbers Of Nigerians Here for almost but a free give away.

Once you have the GSM Numbers Of Nigeria, Next is for you to arrange your marketing swipe and start sending quality bulk SMS campaign to all the numbers, advertising your business and service via your website links to the SMS recipients weekly. For YOUR EFFECTIVE BULKSMS MARKETING, We Recommend SMS Africa 24. You can browse to SMS Africa 24 and create your free account right now


ENJOY: Hope the Article Web Traffic Tips, Easy Way Has impacted you greatly. the most important thing here is taking action and implementing the above-mentioned info tips, actions speak volumes, take action now and don’t forget to drop your comment on the comment section.


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November 15, 2018


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