10 Important Areas Every Online Business Marketer Should Focus

10 Important Areas Every Online Business Marketer Should Focus

Sometimes you may feel it is almost impossible for someone to build an online business empire, maybe a website that makes you a good amount of money daily, a mobile app with good AdMob earnings, a good blog with AdSense, or even a hot-selling product, or an in-demand service


Most times you may feel achieving this are next to impossible as online business listing and promotions are becoming more saturated, more competitive, and in most cases, low return on investment even when you have invested a good amount of money, and time and have done your business promotion effectively

And yet if you are not getting good returns, low engagement, and conversion after months or years of active promotions of your business across the internet and other advertising platforms

Then you come to an end that it’s almost impossible for you to stay in such a business or you feel the online business model is not for you

My answer to you is simple. Know that almost 95% of successful online business earners you see today had similar experiences to yours. So pay attention to what am about to say in this post

You can still make it, you can still build a high online business earning model, applying the 10 important areas every online business marketer like you should focus more on

10 Important Areas Every Online Business Marketer Should Focus

You see, a lot of people have one time or the other begun their journey to a successful online business, only to give up after months or years of working without getting good results


You can’t blame them, yes you can’t, even my humble self Mbonu Watson C has also invested a huge amount of money in Advert.ng a classified marketplace business model project for Nigeria audience


With the hope that I will grow the classified business model and earn daily cash flow from it, but after two years plus of failure, zero earning, and heavily invested money and time. 


I was humbled to take a break and fix areas that are not working and months later I gave up and redirect the portal to another, lol


While this post focuses on the ”10 Important Areas Every Online Business Marketer Should Focus” I will also like you to know, you can start a business today, do everything possible and still get negative returns


But the important thing to note is your ability to find out areas that are not working and fix them, the ability to find out areas you are failing and get solutions to them


If you are building a business, let’s say an online business and you are giving it all your best and yet results are not turning, conversion is low or next to impossible


Please don’t give up so easily, don’t quit so fast, but still not forget to apply these 10 important areas every online business marketer should focus on


We Understand Building A Business Is Hard

The fact remains that building a business is hard and building an online business is even harder in today’s advanced tech world, I say it again, that building a business is hard, don’t listen to what the hype men tell you, that building an online business is so easy, is not as they say, in truth is hard


I have seen people who have a ton of money, build one of the best websites, blogs, and online businesses, hire creative and professionals and yet few of them still give up citing failure in business conversion


Though Building Business Can Be A Rewarding Experience

While we accept the fact that building a business is hard, let’s still acknowledge that at the end of the day, it is a rewarding experience. These are more reasons why you should pay attention to these 7 important areas. So Keep Reading


Among The Important Areas, Every Online Marketer Should Focus On

It’s highly rewarding if you focus on a few of these areas or best on all and try to get it right, It is hard for good businesses, websites, blogs, Digital products, or service online providers to fail if they apply a few of these focus areas into their business daily, weekly or monthly


One of my businesses depends on Google SEO to survive and it has been bringing me cool cash daily because I focus on these 7 important areas while building the business model even to date


It has been of great success that whenever google updates its algorithm, most times we are not affected, but if we get knocked down in one update, the other updates coming from google will push us forward


So now what are those things you should focus on as an online business person, There are as follows


1. Search intent:

What Is Search Engine Intent When you’re trying to find something online, you type a few words into a search engine and wait for the results. But what is the search engine doing? It’s trying to figure out your intent. This is an important area you as an online business need to know, master, and focus on, should you want the internet to work for you


Understanding search engine intent is one area every online business owner should know and focus on, the process which simply covers the goal that a searcher is hoping to achieve when people types in their query across the search engine. You need to know the main areas of search intent: which are simple, informational, educational, navigational, commercial, transactional, entertaining, and many other intents people flock to search engines to type daily


2. Link building:

What is Link building is the process of acquiring inbound links from other websites to your own? This is done to increase your website’s popularity and authority within search engines, which can ultimately lead to higher rankings for your site. Link building can be a very time-consuming and difficult process, but it is often essential for any website that wants to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). And more important, is an area every online business model should focus on


3. Contents:

What Is Content authoring When it comes to content authoring, there are a lot of different things that can fall under this umbrella term. In general, content authoring refers to the process of creating content for a specific purpose or audience. This can include anything from writing articles and blog posts to creating digital products like e-books and courses.


Content authoring usually starts with an idea or topic that you want to write about. Once you have a general idea of what you want to say, you’ll start doing research and gathering information about your topic, blog niche, product, etc. and is another important area you as an online business owner should focus on


4. User experience:

User experience (UX) is about how a person feels when using a product, system, or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful, and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. Ultimately, it is about providing positive experiences that keep users coming back.


To create good UX, designers need to understand the user’s needs and goals, and then craft an interface that meets them. As an online business owner. you must know what your audience experience is all about and how to provide them with the best looks and feel


5. Site speed:

website speed We all know how frustrating it is when we click on a website and it takes forever to load. We’ve become so used to instant gratification that waiting even a few seconds can feel like an eternity.


But what most people don’t realize is just how important website speed is. Not only is it annoying to wait for a slow website to load, but it can also have a major impact on your business. So is important that you as a website owner, blog make your website load time stress free, let your website load as fast as possible


6. Keyword research:

Keyword research If you’re a small business owner, you know that to compete online, you need to be visible in search engine results. Search engines use algorithms to determine which websites to show for each user query, and one of the main ranking factors is keyword relevance.


This is why keyword research is so important for small businesses: by understanding which keywords your customers are using to find products or services like yours, you can ensure that your website shows up in their search results. is one great area every online business owner should focus on or best high an SEO Expert to do the work for them


7. Niche Categories:

Niche Categories or Niche selection is the process of identifying a profitable niche market. This market can be defined by various criteria, such as demographics, interests, or needs. Once a market is identified, businesses can then select the appropriate category or categories for their products and services.


The goal of this process is to match businesses with consumers who are most likely to purchase their goods or services and is important that you know and understand your business niche which will in turn help you to focus


8. Design:

Whether you are selling products or services, if you have a website or physical product know that good design also sells products or services faster, so is vital that you understand the importance of good design


Design is all around us, and it plays a role in everything we interact with daily, including things we do online. Good design can make our lives easier, while bad design can create unnecessary frustration.


In a world where we are constantly interacting with technology, it’s important to understand the basics of good design so that we can create products or services that are user-friendly and enjoyable to use for many


9. Email lists:

Email Marketing and Building Email lists are the processes of collecting email leads, and sending commercial email messages, typically to a group of people, using email automation. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.


However, the term is usually used to refer to more strategic, intentional, and targeted efforts to build relationships with customers through email communications. This can include anything from announcements and special offers to more personalized content like newsletters and valuable tips and advice.


Email marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach out to your target audience and build relationships with them. Get Our Over 50 Million Email List Here and thank me later. This is also an area you must focus on should you want your online business to be a success


10. Affiliate links:

Affiliate links are a type of advertisement that allows website owners to earn commission on products they promote. By including an affiliate link on their site, website owners can receive a commission on any sales made through that link. Affiliate links are a popular way to monetize websites, and they can be effective if used correctly, if you are interested in earning through affiliate links. then you will need to get the SEO Course

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You can start your journey to high earning as an online business model owner today by getting the SEO Course, what matters now is you starting, so use any of the links here to get access to the SEO Course and plan never to miss out on this


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And at the end of the day, it is never going to be perfect, but you can come close. As long you are ready to learn and implement as you outwork your competition, you should be fine in a matter of weeks or months leveraging the Course


When you get the SEO Course and take action in learning it, then practicing and implementing it, you will be glad about the return on investment ”ROI” as the results will always be massive


Hope you enjoyed reading these 10 important areas every online business marketer should focus on, if yes, use the comment section to drop a comment for us


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