5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Online Business

5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Online Business

Starting and having an online business is cool, but if you fail to understand these 5 basic facts about successful online business your chances of making it BIG online is slim


First: know that there is no FREE Money on the internet, any amount you plan or wish to make online, you have to work it out, yes there are possibilities of you making millions, thousands, hundreds in a week or making nothing in months if you fail to understand the basic of online wealth system


Before we proceed, for the benefit of those not familiar with me. My Name is Mbonu Watson C, Am A Developer/Internet marketer, by God’s grace am the CEO OF NL SOFT. Owner’s of NairaLEARN.com and AfriNOTES.com


5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Online Business

In today’s post am going to walk you on the 5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Online Business. starting with


#1: Internet Business Is Like Every Other Business (Offline)

If you are reading me from Nigeria, you will agree with me that most people will consider you as a working-class person or businessman, when they know that you are always going out in the morning and coming back possible in the evening (The 9 to 5 working system module)


This is known as the 9 am to 5 pm working system module, which is not bad but complete opposite to the online business of 24 hours working system globally


This is because the value of offline works is still high in this part of the world called Africa Nigeria when compared to online business


Somewhen you are planning on starting your online business (Internet Business) also do you self good to take this business serious just the same way people take the 9 am to 5 pm system of work very serious


To succeed with your online business you must dedicate time to it, not just time but enough time to it… because a successful online business requires time, (Quality Timing).


#2: No Greater Niche: 

When it comes to online business. No niche is the greatest, all niche market is cool, just understand the niche you plan to go into, learn it, you most not master or perfect it in other to start, just learn and start.


I know some of you may be asking: What Is Niche. Niche marketing is:: 

No Greater Niche

What Niche Marketing Is

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs

As well as the price range, production quality, and the demographics that such niche intended to target. 

The niche market is also a small market segment such as. Mobile App Development, Website Development, News Publication, Classified Ads Listing, Eccomerce, eShop, Writing, Graphic Design, Vlog, Comic Skit, Singing, Dancing, Bitcoin Trading, Football Match Betting, Online Surveys, Paid Research Work (Searching The Web), Online Market Trading, Owning A Website Niche ( Niche Blogging ), Gigs Economy, Affiliate Marketing and many more


There are hundreds to thousands of niche on the internet and none is the greatest, you just have to find a niche, learn it, study it and start practicing


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Though when it comes to the online business, you can leverage multiple streams of income, that is to say, you can learn more than one niche and practice as you are not limited to just one niche stream of income. But have it in your mind that no niche is the greatest, all online business niche is great, it all about you the person


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#3: You May Not Make Money In Short Time:

The internet online business is not GET MONEY QUICK SCHEME. of a thing, you may even end up not making money in your first year of active online business


Yes, full one year. you may not make money, depending on the type of niche you are into. for example, Linda Ikeji who is considered to be the top blogger in Nigeria did not make money in her first four years of blogging


The money started coming in 2010 even though that she has been actively blogging since 2006. she made her first money from blogging in the year 2010 and since then it has been awesome.


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So you see, there is the possibility you also may not make money in your first week. month, year of doing an active online business. so get your mind prepared, incase such occurs


#4: You May Lose Money

While you are planning on making money online, also be expecting of losing your hard-earned money. this is inevitable. 


The most important part is limiting it, not trying to avoid it because there are some basic risk you have to take 


I have lost money online to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc Imagine how top these brands are, yet I lost money on them


So losing money online is part of making money online, is part of the online business, but you must learn the best ways to limit it


#5: Learn To Be Focus, Be Consistent:

You should learn to focus when you want to start an online business, be the focus and learn the act of being consistent


On failure to learn the act of being the focus and being consistently on your online business product or service delivery may lead to frustration


This is because there are both the good and bad on the internet and come to talk of it, the internet is oversaturated with information. So trying to get everything at the same time may lead to you not getting anything


Is important that you focus on your Internet Niche business and do your self good to be consistent, You can also watch the video kit that comes with this blog topic (5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Online Business) Below


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Mbonu Watson C


We Thank God and you



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