3 Steps To Getting Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website For FREE

Get The 3 Steps To Getting Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website For FREE

  3 Steps To Getting Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website For FREE

This article reviews 3 simple steps to getting hundreds of backlinks to your website for FREE and also getting bulks of targeted traffic to your website at the same time.

When it comes to website search engine optimization Link Popularity as you know plays a BIG part in your websites ranking within the Search Engines.

So, the reality here is, the more links pointing to your website, the higher up the search engines will rank your website.

More importantly though is getting those High PR websites linking back to yours.

The question at hand is… “How can I get those High PR links without having to buy High PR links and/or spend countless hours surfing the web for link partners with the possible potential of being denied?”

And as webmasters, we can not afford to waste time, especially if you’re starting out on a part-time basis.

We must utilize every minute we can to getting the most out of our efforts.

So with that being said, I’m going to reveal to you the ‘Back Door’ strategy I use for getting those High PR links to your website for FREE and have them begging you to come back.

And the cool thing is this can be done following these 3 steps I’m about to mention so pay attention because if you do just this, you will not only get hundreds of backlinks to your website, you’ll also get hundreds, if not thousands of targeted visitors to your website at the same time…

…all for FREE!

Are you ready to discover the 3 steps?

I hope you said yes’ Good because I am.

Step #1. First, You Must Write An Article.

Not just an article, but a quality article with the aim of writing for human and search engine, so the first step here is to write a related article about your Product or Service that draws the reader in and gets them to click through to your website once they finish reading it to find out more about you and your Product or Service.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you have to write an article.

Well, hope you have come across the statement, that says contents are the king, And indeed contents are the king here, once it comes to getting quality backlinks and traffic to your website.

It’s really simple actually because what you put at the end of your article? matters, such as Your ‘Resource Box’ with your website information and most important of all… your URL pointing back to your website.

So when someone chooses to publish your article in their newsletter or on their website, blog or article directory, they MUST add your ‘Resource Box’ with your website information and URL.

I know some of you are saying… “I don’t know how to write an article” … well, you’re not alone. is either you learn it or your higher a good article writer to get it done for you



Here are a few resources I’ve put together for you so you can get the basic idea of How-To structure your articles with ease or get someone else to write them for you if you can’t write a good article even after going through this.

The first is an article I wrote called… The 8 Step Formula For Writing POWERFUL Articles In Less Than An Hour. It will show you How-To structure your articles for easy writing.



The second resource center in getting a good article is from Upwork.com Fiverr.com etc

Upwork.com which is basically a place where you can go and submit a project by category and freelance writers etc. will then bid on your project. You pick the winner and offer then the job of writing a quality article within your budget for you.

This will get you started in the right direction as long as good and quality article writing is concerned

Remember, your article is the Nuts and Bolts of this ‘Back Linking’ strategy, so make sure you put some effort into it to get it as much exposure as possible.


Step #2. Submit Your Article To Article Directories And Forums.

This is the next step and an important one because this is where your article or articles are going to get picked up by website owners and/or directories publishers who are in constant need of fresh and quality information to feed their audience’s who hunger for information.

There are literally hundreds of Article Directories and forums out there and thousands of article publishers looking for quality content on a daily basis.

If you are reading this article from Nigeria, it will interest you to know that NairaLand Forum is the number 1 Africa Forum in the world and it will be best you learn how to leverage this power forum

And if they if you choose to publish your article on article directories and forums you must try to include your ‘Resource Box’ with your websites information and URL.

To Do That Watch This Video On How To Add Resource URL Link To Your Articles Leveraging NairaLand Forum

Getting backlinks in bulks all depend’s on the numbers of articles you wrote and published in article directories as the more Article Directories and websites you submit your articles to, the more potential Backlinks you’ll get to your website.

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And since Article Directories have recently adopted RSS(Real Simple Syndication) technology into the mix your articles will even get More mileage without you lifting a finger, creating even more Backlinks to your website.


Step #3. Create Your Own RSS Feed For Your Articles.

Some people said RSS Feed don’t work this day, quoting that RSS Feed is dead in web technology of 2018, Hear this RSS Feed is still alive and is now getting better more and more

So getting RSS Feed, using this step is a very Powerful tool as well.

What you need to do is set up your own RSS Feed for your articles.

Now, if you don’t know what RSS is here’s the basic definition…is


RSS is by definition – an acronym for ‘Real Simple Syndication’ or ‘Rich Site Summary’, and the.XML extension is the format used for distributing your news headlines via the Web, which is known as ‘Syndication.

‘Syndication’ is where the TRUE power of RSS is unleashed, getting your message or information across the web in an INSTANT to websites, subscribers and/or readers who subscribed to your RSS Feed.

You see

The easiest way for you to do this is to set up your own Blog either through…

WordPress.org – Self-hosting

Or through…

Blogger.com –

Please avoid using WordPress.com as this is limited to self-hosting account, but use WordPress.org or Blogger.com as I mentioned earlier


WordPress is a little more advanced so I recommend it if you don’t have a lot of experience with Blogs or installing scripts that you have to set up and code some modules, unlike a Blogger blog which will only take you less than 5 minutes to do.

I’m just giving you some options, that’s all.

Once you’ve set up your Blog the only thing left for you to do is to customize it to your test, add your articles categories and start publishing your articles one after the other on the daily or weekly basis.

TIP: Make sure you hyperlink your URL and use Anchor Text with your most targeted keywords. By doing this the Search Engine spiders will rank your website higher under that keyword term you specify in your Anchor Text.

After you’ve added your articles all you have to do now is submit your new RSS Feed to RSS Directories and RSS Search Engines.

Here are a few resources for you to get started with.

Ping-O-Matic – http://pingomatic.com

That’s it.

Now I know I dumped a lot of information within this article so just take it Step-By-Step in going through this article 3 Steps To Getting Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website For FREE.

And Remember To watch the video clips that come with it, because once you implement it properly it will benefit you for years to come with Backlinks to your website and FREE targeted traffic via the Search Engines, Website Owners, and Directories Publishers.

Thanks For Reading

Written By
Mbonu Watson C
University Of NairaLearn


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