5 Things You Can Do And Make Money As An Undergraduate In Nigeria

5 Things You Can Do And Make Money As An Undergraduate In Nigeria

Being a student in Nigeria institution does not limit you from creating wealth for yourself, building your career, and positioning your future, in fact, the best place to start creating wealth for yourself, if you have missed starting from secondary school is in the high institution


I do understanding that we came from a country where children and youth are advised to stay away from money only but to focus on the academy


The Nigeria mentality system which has been lying to us all this while has only helped in creating more poverty among our youth while placing heavy labor upon our parents to keep catering for our needs, the general family needs all alone.


To best understanding now, there is no best time to start creating wealth for yourself, I was happy when I learn from the Chinese culture that encourages Chinese children to start creating wealth from the age of 7yrs


But back in my country Nigeria. Is so pathetic, one reason you should pay very good attention to what am about to say in this article titled ‘5 Things You Can Do And Make Money As An Undergraduate In Nigeria

Undergraduate years could be one of the toughest experiences in life, because of what you go through every day, and to say that students face hard times sometimes in school is to downplay their suffering.


As an undergraduate, you pass through so many challenges, some of which are financial, academic challenge is a general one that every student in the school has to deal with. 

And having to deal with academics and at the same time, fend for yourself conveniently or attend to other needs could be a really difficult thing to do. 


Some students have only a few family members to call in times of challenges such as that, and some others do not have anyone at all to call, thereby having to solve all their financial problems themselves.


Students who don’t have anyone to call for assistance, and do not know what to do to help themselves, suffer the most. 

The idea of being creative and looking for any legal activity to do to make money may not occur to them, which further subjects them to suffering.


But there are several activities they could do to make money and take care of their basic and academic needs which we’d be discussing shortly.

Sometimes, the school environment becomes a ground of survival of the fittest, and whoever is unfit, or appears so weak, gets eaten up. 


So as a student you could do these things below to make money and become financially independent: but first, remember that the beginning of everything is the hardest part


But if you can take action and start, without mending your low income as a starter, then only the future is very bright and who knows, you are creating wealth for your future life and maybe employers of labor when you graduate


5 Things You Can Do And Make Money As An Undergraduate In Nigeria ARE AS Follows

Take Notes: There are over a hundred plus make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria niches, including virtual marketing, importing and selling, professional writing, online surveys, content creators, and many more. but here I want to go down to the easiest and common one in all high institutions in Nigeria

  • 1: Doing Other Students’ Assignment
  • 2: Starting A Tutorial Class
  • 3: Writing Projects
  • 4: Selling Recharge Card
  • 5: Typing and Printing

and finally bonus

  • 6: Dry Cleaning Business


1: Doing Other Students’ Assignment:

Some students are very lazy to do their own assignments themselves, thereby depending on others to help them do it. 

5 Things You Can Do And Make Money As An Undergraduate In Nigeria

Although laziness may not be the case for some other ones; it could be that they are busy people who have other engagements which do not avail them the time to do these assignments themselves. 

But whichever one the case could be, this is an opportunity to turn this idea into a business by doing these assignments for them and getting paid for it.


Although this might not be an easy task because some lecturers might find out that their students got their materials from the same source or probably even copied, so you might want to do extensive research and make sure that you modify your words so they don’t sound or look alike.


There are other problems you might encounter in the course of this which include bad network signals to browse information online, but these are little problems you could get by easily.


To get started with making money from high institution Doing Other Students’ Assignment, you need to market yourself, you can start by letting your course mates know, and your departmental mates also 


And best search for your institution Facebook group, don’t be shy, but for safety create a fake Facebook account OR Facebook page, different from your real name, use it to join the group and be making a post on the Facebook group consistently letting the group member know the type of business you are in to


And please, do this as a business, not a favor to your fellow student, charge then well, including that of your course mates and you too see to your self how much you will be making in weeks


2: Starting A Tutorial Class: 

Starting a tutorial class is another opportunity to make money around the school environment, this is cool and this will also increase your knowledge as well

For facts has proven that the best way to learn is to learn and teach what you already know

There are some courses that could prove difficult for the majority of your classmates, your department but you understand the course or courses very well


This can also be a course from your previous class that you know very well and can teach very well, you could organize a tutorial class to teach your fellow students from all levels and make an income from it.


Students would always pay for value, so be rest assured that you’re on your way to solving your own financial problems by effectively teaching your fellows. 


Although your contents have to be of high value to them, lest they don’t patronize you, so that is why you should choose to teach a subject you know very well and focus on it, don’t try to involve all the courses in your department, just look for a few and level up


This will not only make you money but will also win you to your course mates, department and make a lot of people in your institutions admire you, respect you and loved you, even when they are paying for it.


You can even scare off your course contents by creating ebook materials and pass question papers of the course, and remember also to sell the ebook and pass question paper, don’t offer it for free, you can make the price low if you want but not for free.


3: Writing Project:

It is no doubt that project writing is one of the requirements for a tertiary school certificate, and these projects have proven to be a herculean task for some students. 

Some of them fear it so much they wish it was never a requirement for their certificate. Others do not even understand the whole thing about the project so they would be willing to pay to get it done by somebody else


As long as they get good quality and value for their money. You could turn this into an activity you can do to fend for yourself in school, provided that you can do a good job and give them value for their money.


4: Selling Recharge Card:

A school environment is a very crowded place, which means that any business that satisfies a recurrent or immediate need would be well patronized

In the hostel, where there are so many students who would need to recharge their phone but do not want to go far out to get it, you could make a fortune selling recharge cards to them in the hostel. 


Asides from the hostel, you could move around with it or take it to class, and before you know it, everyone begins to know that they could get recharge cards from you. 

The little profits in the business could be used to take care of your academic and financial problems.

But avoid selling recharge cards on credit to your follow students, simple, don’t sell on credit, this will keep you at peace with everyone. as long as recharge card printing and selling is concerned


5: Typing and Printing:

Another very lucrative business to engage in school is typing and printing business, if you have a PC. When an assignment that involves typing and printing is given in the class


You don’t want to imagine how much you can make by coming in to solve their problems by accepting to type their assignment for a cheap fee


Although, of course, you can’t possibly type the assignments for everyone in your class you could type for as many as you could and make money from it. 


However you might not have a printing machine, so you could type on your PC and take it to computer business centers to print them out


While you may start typing business in school with just a PC, Also know that business is all about progressing, so the need for you to plan for a printing machine and scale up your business is also there


You could charge an extra fee for the printing services and bargain with the printer owner for a discount for bulk printing, that way, you would be making money in 3 ways; one is from your typing, another is from the printing services, and thirdly, from the discount, the printer would agree on. until you are able to afford your own printer. Our 5 things you can do and make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria, the bonus is


6: Dry Cleaning Business

I will not like to say much here but to take you back to my days in the University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, then we use to playboy during the weekend in our compound, so one faithful day a guy came and made an announcement that he is not into dry cleaning business and we should be bringing our cloth to he or allow him to be coming to our individual homes to pick our clothes


Because he was our follow Unique student of the Great University of Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria, many students among us were mocking him


But that was how he started, before our final year in Uniport, he has already opened a dry cleaning business office, very wide and cool, he had also employed about 4 people


Before we left school, because he was our mate, and started this business at his level two hundred, he has already bought land in one of the communities that make up Uniport


A few months ago when I met him, I told me he knows have offices across Nigeria, including In Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin, Delta, Enugu, In fact, he was doing super well


This was someone follow student once laugh at for starting a dry cleaning business while in school

The tertiary institution is no doubt, is a very difficult place to survive, and the perfect place for a business start-up, if you have messed starting while in secondary school, don’t miss to start something while in high institution, don’t give yourself reasons while you cant start


Nigeria job economy no be joke o, if you doubt it asks most of the Nigeria graduates around you, some are still searching for jobs even after years of graduation and NYSC


Start something while in school especially when you do not have a benefactor to whom you can lade your financial burdens on

But there are opportunities lying around and sources of making money untapped, all you have to do is look very well and see to solve a problem experienced by many and there, you would have money coming your way


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