6 Lucrative Industries That Can Make An Entrepreneur A Millionaire

6 Lucrative Industries That Can Make An Entrepreneur A Millionaire

When it comes to Business Niche as a businessman, woman, and entrepreneur choosing the right industry, the right business niche for you is very very critical


In today post am going to talk about the 6 lucrative industries that can make an entrepreneur a millionaire

6 Lucrative Industries That Can Make An Entrepreneur A Millionaire

Many people are making it BIG in Nigeria, you too can make it Bigger, so pay attention to what am about to say here (The 6 Lucrative Industries That Can Make An Entrepreneur A Millionaire)


Sometimes I think we all hold the confidence of an entrepreneur and we say we can go into any industry sell any product offer any service and provide a solution 


And we could be successful doing that I think that’s simply not true today, you must not do all, so please don’t even try to be a jack of all, yes we understand that multiple streams of income are highly recommendable, but please don’t try to offer all.


Doing just one niche, business, two or three out of the 6 here are most likely to make you a millionaire and if that’s your goal their many industries that you can get into now


Some require a huge financial budget to get started, while some require a small amount of money


In all, until you learn how to MAKE MONEY WITHOUT MONEY, You may fail even when you try to make money with money


I’m not talking about gimmicks and tricks like cryptocurrency or winning the lottery, the bet9ja of a thing, etc, no am not talking about them here today


I’m talking about the gentlemen-proven industries that have created millionaires and have tested the vibes of times. 


So Here we go. 6 Lucrative Industries That Can Make An Entrepreneur A Millionaire Is:


#1: FINANCIAL Services:

This is where Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, The Director of WTO belong, so many others also belong here


The financial services, when I say financial services I’m talking about the management of money lending, SAVING, loan associations, banks of financial companies, insurance companies, and investing


When you check, a lot of those firms are very very wealthy because there’s a lot of money in money.


One of the things I’ve learned this year is that there is Money In the Money Business. take it or leave it, there is cool money in money.


There’s a lot of money to be made just by managing to handle investing money, this is the reason while Financial Trading, Crypto Trading, Forex Trading, etc are all booming worldwide.


Michael Bloomberg former mayor of new York became a billionaire by providing financial data, here in Nigeria we also have BIG Boys and companies who have made it BIG just by providing financial data. So understand that there is money in the money business, Next industry is Technology



Technology now you know the google to Facebook to apple, to Jumia, AfriNOTES, and many more

Technology industries are booming, be it info tech niches, dot com’s, robots technologies, artificial intelligence, mobile tech, and many more

Technology is making things more efficient we’re talking about robotics we’re talking about AI we’re talking about automation and we’re talking about the manufacture of these technology products all even


Providing budding technology or service billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of belle isle to be created in this particular sector 


So are you a technology entrepreneur, if no. the world is now digital. Think to get started, have your tech niche setup for you, plan to have your won website of if you don’t have any, Please Hire Us NL SOFT To Develop A Premium website or mobile app for you, Just Give Us A Call On 08068608490. NOW


Its your business not just to be WEALTHY but to be HEALTHY, when it comes to being wealthy, the greatest wealth on planet earth is to be healthy. the health care industries are everyone business, a business niche you can’t escape as long as you are still breathing


There are a lot of healthcare providers because people are willing to spend any amount of money to be healthy, look beautiful, younger and amazing.


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So healthcare I’m referring to could be, skincare products, health niche blogging, Health Niche MLM, Assisted Living, Elderly homes, Pharmaceutical any products or services categorized under health Niches. The health care industry is a good industry to get into, next is the real estate and construction 



In the united nations, not in Nigeria. the forecast predicts by two thousand twenty-five the world’s population will increase to almost added billion people in billion people by two thousand and fifty x more


If it would be almost ten billion people that’s ten million people on this little planet by two thousand fifty now what does that mean where’s the opportunity we all need a place


Billions of people need a place to call home, to sleep on. to play, to school, to work, to pray, to entertain, to go to the shop, and many others.


The real estate and construction industry are booming, people buy lands from an undeveloped area, keep them for years and sell it 80% higher than what they bought it


Some develop it, Real estate and construction also fall’s into real asset investment. HERE IS THE Big NEWS: GET THE Whatsapp Bulk Sender, click here to get this app and start sending thousands of WhatsApp Messages daily



Number five is education, with all the changes all the technological changes that are happening knowledge becomes very very critical


People want to get educated, get knowledge in that process get an understanding. And the good thing about education is that it has gone virtual


You can learn anything, be it a professional career, skills, etc online without leaving your home or office, you can learn from Nairalearn and a host of other e-learning platforms 


All you need to get yourself educated in 2021 is just your mobile phone, laptop, and data to access the internet. If you are willing to learn, if you are learnable, you can learn any skill, career and become a professional with or without the physical walls of the universities


The online learning platform of education has created more opportunities now with the education you could also have products and services and software that helps people in many different ways 


So we have traditional education but we also have alternative education outside of the school systems right and it doesn’t always have to be a condensed


Certificate no longer works great in my country Nigeria, a lot of people with certificates hoping for white-collar jobs are jobless in Nigeria, but skills and handiwork still pays.


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Entertainment and recreation beyond education, highly talented people are making it big around the world.


People want to be entertained, people want to laugh, people like entertainment, people want to relax, so entertainment is selling globally


The truth is that most of the entertainers out there did not just wake up and became famous and global, they worked for it, they paid the price, the behind the scene days, weeks, months, and year of practicing gave birth to the success entertainers and their fans are celebrating today


When you look at entertainment big companies like amazon prime, Netflix, and many others, you will agree with me that investing in this industry is a welcome idea


So the above are my 6 Lucrative Industries That Can Make An Entrepreneur A Millionaire, I could go on and on but have to stop here.


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