8 Smart Ways To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website or Mobile App

8 Smart Ways To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website Or Mobile App 

Online business is booming it all depends on the quantities and qualities of web traffic or mobile traffic you are getting


That is to say, no traffic, no money, high traffic high earning, so web traffic and mobile app traffic are very very important to all online business worldwide


So in this post am going to share with you 8 smart ways to drive free traffic to your website or mobile app. Free traffic for your website or mobile app, youtube channel, social media account, and much more


Understand Free traffic?  Web, mobile app Traffic paid or free is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website or mobile app.


Haven said that, let proceed with our topic (8 smart ways to drive free traffic to your website or mobile app) starting with the number one. Online Classified Ads


 1. Online Classified Ads.

Online classified ads are one smart way to drive web traffic, in the world the Number one Classified portal is craigslist, though if you are reading this article from Nigeria, you may not be able to access craigslist, to access craigslist, you will need a VPN

 1. Online Classified Ads

There are other great classified as globally, locally here in Nigeria, the likes of JijiOlist, AfriNOTES Classified are all good, you can use them to drive traffic, grow your business and sell more


To get started using Classified Ads, go to AfriNOTES Classified and create a free account, and start posting Ads For FREE


2. Link Exchanges. 

If you have a website, you can also use link exchanges to drive traffics to your website or mobile app

Link exchanges with other websites help you get free traffic in two ways: traffic directly from the other site, and traffic from the search engines because the link helps your ranking with them.

2. Link Exchanges

It also gives you backlinks and domain authority, so start looking for quality webmaster and exchange link with them


Find sites that have a niche similar or related to yours, and send out nice e-mails suggesting an exchange. You will be amazed at the results you will get


3. GSM Numbers Database. 

Using the Nigeria GSM Numbers Database is another great way to drive traffic to your website and mobile app

3. GSM Numbers Database

Your need is to get access to the GSM Numbers Here, and leverage what will call location base GSM Numbers Promotional marketing


As you will be getting the GSM Numbers of the 36 states in Nigeria including Abuja, just download the GSM NUMBERS and you are good to go

8 smart ways to drive free traffic to your website or mobile app

When you have gotten access to the GSM Numbers Database, also get the Whatsapp Bulk Sender App and Bulksms platform, use the Whatsapp Bulk Sender to send WhatsApp messages to active WhatsApp numbers


While you use the Bulksms platform to send promotional bulk SMS messages to the numbers not active on WhatsApp. hope you get it. This method will drive quality traffic to your business product, website, or mobile app, Give it a try and thank me later


 4. Post In Discussion Forums.

When it comes to global forums, Quora is the top, in Nigeria or Africa. Nairaland is leading

A forum can be a great source of traffic for some sites. You just talk about things of interest to you and get free traffic to your website.

 4. Post In Discussion Forums


To get started with the forum, visit Google and search for a top forum in the world or Nigeria, then choose a few of the active forum and sign up, on the profile section, add your signature, such as your mobile number, your website address, etc


Once you have signup to the forum platform of your choice, start to join forum trend and also try to create a topic, post quality contents and please don’t spam the forum, also keep to their terms and conditions or you’ll be kicked out


 5. Search Engine Submissions. 

After you have optimized your website and search engine have indexed your site, don’t just fold your hands

Also use search engine submissions portals to submit your website page, blog post to other Search Engine Submission Portals.

5. Search Engine Submissions


For example, Free Web Submission is one Search Engine Submission portal you will love to use

Free web submission will automatically submit your website to more than 15 search engine directories, do this once every month.


Remember that search engines should be your primary sources of free traffic. the reason has been that search engine traffics are high quality traffics you can’t afford to loose


 6. Submit To Directories. 

You can start with AfriNOTE Directory, Go here, create your free account, and list your business for free live on AfriNOTES Directory Section

AfriNOTES, Buy and Sell

Also, do a search for niche directories for the topic of your business, website, or mobile app. Visit googlebing search and type in “directory + online business,” or whatever your site is about. 


Many general directories also accept submissions for free just like AfriNOTES Directory. The value of directories is not direct traffic, however (you won’t get much). The value is in the links, backlinks, reviews, and many others, which help your ranking (and therefore traffic) with the search engines.


7. Write And Submit Testimonials. 

If you love an e-book or other online product, if you love video, start recording testimonials videos or best ask your customers to always send you testimonials in text, audio, or video

7. Write And Submit Testimonials

Publish testimonials and give live credit and references to the sources, the people who sent you the testimonials


Also, ask the author of the testimonials to feel free in sharing the testimonials on their website, pages, social channels, etc 


And make sure you mention that you’d appreciate them and best use more attractive free give away gifting to appreciate them for giving you good testimonials


8. Submit Articles. 

8. Submit Articles

This is one of the best ways to generate free website traffic. It’s why I wrote this and also made a youtube video for it.  WATCH THE Video Below

When it comes to the online world, quality articles are the kings, learn copywriting and leverage it. Don’t just write, write and publish, if you are a content creator, you can write and publish your article live on AfriNOTES

8 Smart Ways To Drive Free Traffic

To get started, just call the Admin of AfriNOTES.com on +2348068608490 to get started writing and publishing your content ONLINE


Hope you enjoyed and learn something from this topic 8 smart ways to drive free traffic to your website or mobile app 


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