COVID 19: Death Roll Maybe Massacre IN Africa, Millions May Die In Nigeria. WHO

COVID 19: Death Roll Maybe Massacre IN Africa, Millions May Die In Nigeria. WHO

As I write this post, I fear for my Africa continent, for Nigeria my country, May God Help Us To Overcome The Virus


As the rate of COVID-19 increases with over 2.9 million confirmed cases, 823k recovered and 203k deaths across the world as of date 27 April 2020, see statistic picture below


Millions May Die In Nigeria. WHO


There is likely going to be a coronavirus bloodbath in Africa and Millions May Die In Nigeria. according to WHO, in less than two months since the first case was detected in Africa, 1,378 people have been killed in the continent and more than 30,367 infections have been recorded with 9,107 recovered


In Nigeria With over 1,182 confirmed cases, 222 recovered and 35 deaths across the nation as of today being 27th April 2020



In Kano one of the northern states in Nigeria, people are falling sick and many are dying for the past few days, cause of death still yet unknown, only but less than 13 states out of 36 states and FCT Abuja In Nigeria as of date 27th April 2020 has COVID 19 Testing center


Other states collect samples of a suspected coronavirus case to a state with a COVID 19 Testing center to get tested, and result normally takes more than 2 to 4 days to arrive


Some of the states that have COVID 19 testing kit has run out of the kit, so testing has been temporarily suspended as more state government and federal government play politics with the novel virus with ineffective inaction’s in combating the pandemic


Very pathetic in Nigeria, as the rich and Government keep asking the Nigerian masses to stay at home, stay well, stay safe, most of the masses very poor who live below 400 Naira to 1 dollar United State Of America and are finding it harder to survive the lockdown as hunger virus spread all over the nation


Millions May Die In Nigeria. WHO, nairalearn


Over time World Health Organization ( WHO ) Has warned that A total outbreak in Africa will kill millions. Health systems are weak in this part of the world, social distancing is nearly impossible and people tend to believe it’s a disease killing westerners or best politicians in Nigeria


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The majority of the Nigerian populace are still yet to believe that coronavirus is in Nigeria, to them, is not in Nigeria, but the government highly corrupt government in higher and lower places are busy cashing out with the News of the pandemic.


So is hard for them the Nigeria populace to believe that coronavirus is real in Nigeria as the majority of the populace lack trust in the government


As a result, they make fun of it, lift stay at home order for people to resume market, go pray at crowded mosques and churches, Government not willing to support the poor masses who can’t afford a daily meal and are dying of hunger virus


Things You Can Learn Online


Some religious leaders in Africans are busy calling it A White Man Virus and believe it can’t infect the black man in the black nation, send sarcastic condolences to people in Europe and the United States


Some labeled it 5G virus, believing it was caused by 5G Network, not coronavirus, some tried to crucify Bill Gates for his early warning memo he wrote to Africa Nations as far back as 2015 and the latest tweets from Melinda Gates.


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Apart from Madagascar None of the vaccines is being developed in Africa and critical supplies such as ventilators and respirators are not made here in Africa. It’s like a time bomb that should not explode.


None of the Government of Africa is trying to evaluate the possibility of the Africa herbs in combating the virus, all they do is wait, wait and hope for the westerners with they scientific vaccine which most of them has already condemned and labeled 666 the mark of the beast


Millions May Die In Nigeria. WHO, 666


Africa is calling the vaccine 666 and some people in politic and religion are busy calling on Africa Nationals not to take the vaccine, I fear for Africa and my country Nigeria


If things continue going in this direction Africa countries may get overstretched with coronavirus, with poor health care system, high rate of poverty, corrupt politicians, not being able to keep social distance, hunger virus and stay at home order almost impossible in this part of the world. I Fear the spread of this virus…. May God Help Us


Stay Safe
Stay Well.

God will help us, Together we shall overcome the virus.

I fear that the death roll maybe massacre


Stay Safe, Stay Well, coronavirus is real in Africa, even more, real In Nigeria, does, the consequences would be devastating. If all protocols calls do not adhere


Stay Safe For Me, As I Stay Safe For You, Stay Safe For Your Loves Ones and Family, As You support your love ones and family to stay safe for you


Too soon, together we shall overcome the VIRUS, Let stay safe to stop the spread so millions will not die in Nigeria of the COVID 19


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