How COVID_19 Changed The Progress Of Vision 2020 By Bill Gates

How COVID_19 Changed The Progress Of Vision 2020 By Bill Gates

Bill Gates on his yearly Goalkeepers Report, has published a heart touching report for the year 2020


He lamented on how COVID_19 changed the progress of Vision 2020 at a time when the over 20 years of planning, implementing, and reporting was almost a success and what the effect of COVID_19 means for the world’s poorest

How COVID_19 Changed The Progress Of Vision 2020 By Bill Gates

It’s amazing how much can change in twelve months. Said, Bill Gates, He Lamented that at this time last year 2019, when Melinda and I released our foundation’s 2019 Goalkeepers report, we told you about a lot of progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. And we expected 2020 to bring even more improvements.

Then came COVID-19 struck late 2019 and traveled all around the globe in 2020, affecting the poor, the rich irrespective of race, color, and religion

How COVID_19 Changed The Progress Of The Vision 2020 By Bill Gates

After 20 years of stunning advances toward global goals to improve health and reduce poverty, the pandemic stopped progress in its tracks. For low- and middle-income countries, COVID-19 has set back economies, health systems, create more poverty and shortage of food systems by several years—and in some cases a decade.

In this year’s 2020 report, Bill Gates and His Foundation ( Co-chairs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ) have come up with yet another survey that details the damage of COVID_19 and discusses how to start reversing it.


It won’t happen overnight Said Bill Gates, and it will take a coordinated global effort, but I do believe we can get back on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. I hope you’ll take a look. Read the Goalkeepers 2020 Report. Here as shared By NL_SOFT Owners of Nairalearn and Publisher’s of AfriNOTES


With Thank you for reading. Stay focus, stay safe and be among the solutions to Global Crisis


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