How Rain Oil CEO Started A Billion Naira Worth Company With N300,000

This Is How Rain Oil CEO Started A Now Billion Naira Worth Company With N300,000 25 Years Ago, An Interesting Story Every Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Marketer across Africa Nigeria should read


Indeed, greatness will always follow the brave, just like the saying. It’s the actions you take that will produce results, actions are everything great


Here is the inspiring story of the group managing director, of Rainoil Limited, in the person of Mr. Gabriel Ogbechie, who narrated how he started the company “RAIN OIL) with just N300,000 at the age of 30. 25 years ago


So within just 25 years, he was able to turn N300,000 naira into Billions of Naira worth of company with thousands of employees across Nigeria


His story has been shared in most top magazines, websites, and blogs across West Africa and Nigeria and we Nairalearn are glad to share it right here on our platform


How Rain Oil CEO Started A Billion Naira Worth Company With N300,000

He made this revelation during his celebration to mark the silver jubilee of the Rain Oil Petroleum firm in Lagos, noting that there is no shortcut to success. You just have to follow the working process


In his words, he started with a truck business, which was a joint venture, before getting a leased station at Igbedu Ijesha in Ogun State


From there he was able to build their first depot at Oghara in (Delta State) Nigeria and later built the second depot in Calabar (Cross River).


Fast forward to today, his company Rain Oil Limited is the only downstream company that has three depots in the country,” he said, adding that the firm now employs over 2,000+ staff.”


Not just him alone, but also the Pastor of Daystar Church, Bolutife Oluyomi, speaking at the occasion, said people should strive for commitment, yes There is no shortcut to wealth, and following the right part will always give you lasting joy and upliftment


“No matter how much we justify our excuses, they’re still just that – excuses. Therefore, we must endeavor to give our best no matter what to ensure that no stone is left unturned in achieving our organizational goals,” taking actions to achieve our lifetime dreams, he said.


Returning The Group Executive Director Of Rainoil, in the person of Mrs. Godrey Ogbechie, spoke on the outlook of the firm, saying, “Certainly, the next 25 years promise new opportunities for us here at Rainoil Group as a whole


And we are optimistic the coming years will be greater. That is why we have organized this service to celebrate our past wins, letting you all know that our wins for the past years were possible because of you all right here with us

So let’s all keep working together for a greater Rain Oil, as well as to till the ground for fresh growth with better years ahead.”


At the end of the event, the company said it made donations to two schools in Lagos and three in Delta State and other donations they like keeping private


In reality, most of these top CEOs who started with a similar story to Rain Oil all have one head like every other Nigeria but were able to use their brain


Their stories should serve as motivation, a lesson to young entrepreneurs across Africa and Nigeria to believe that everything is possible. With whatever they have at present, they can also kick the ball running by taking action to get started


As Mack Zuckerberg co-founder of Facebook will always say, no dream, no companies, ideation is fully formed, so don’t wait until everything is fully formed to get started


Start with whatever you have at the moment, practice, and upscale along. While that is possible try to prioritize your business marketing and promotion


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Learn from the Rain Oil CEO who 25 years ago started Rain Oil with just N300,000 at the age of 30 years and has today grown it to a billion naira worth of company with thousands of employees, and petroleum filling stations across Nigeria


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I know some people who say, do you know the worth of N300,000 Naira 25 years ago? well


My answer to them is simple. Before you say N300,000 was a big money 25 years ago, please remember some people used N500,000 to buy a car just for fun 25 years ago 


And some used millions of Naira to buy a car just for fun 20 years ago and now, some of them are too broke for nothing. 


So a big congrats to Mr. Gabriel Ogbechie CEO of Rain Oil Limited for his right investment of N300,000 naira 25 years ago that has also created employment for thousands of Nigerians. Grown a multi-billion naira business.


25 Years ago rainoil ltd CEO was able to start up the company with just 300k naira and today their static read as follows


They have 160+ Retail Filling Station Outlets. Yes now have over 160+ filling service stations outlets spread across The Nigeria nation, then 3 Depots Ultra-modern tank farms with a combined capacity of 150 million litres and 130+ Tank Trucks they own and operate a fleet of over hundred (130) tank trucks

20KT Shipping Capacity: A chemical tanker with a capacity of over 20,000 metric tonnes and 27 National Footprint: Their outlets span across 27 states in Nigeria with over 2000+ direct employers and still growing


Our Big congratulations To Mr. Gabriel Ogbechie from all of us here at NairaLearn. Your story is welcoming


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