How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar’s Business In Months

How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar’s Business In Months

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If you want to learn the best tips for starting a business, building any business online or offline reading this report will do you more of Good


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While we proceed with today’s Topic (How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar’s Business In Months).


The reality of life is, 90% of people all over the world have great ideas, people have big and great dreams, so in most cases having ideas, great dreams are never the problem. the problem with most people is putting the ideas, great dream into action


Taking Action, NairaLEARN


So taking action has always been a lot of people’s problems. while Mark Zuckerberg co-founder of FaceBook has told startup people like you and I that there are no formed ideas. So when you have a n idea strive to start with what you have, don’t wait for it to be fully formed


You can’t have everything you have to get started with that of your great idea, great dreams, but you can start with whatever you have, start, taking action to get started with the little you have.


So if I may ask, do you have any idea you have not yet put into action, or possible you have started but not getting the expected results you have earlier presumed?


If you answered yes to the above, please pay attention to this topic, How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar’s Business In Months.


How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar's Business In Months

First Take Note Of These Three Point

1: Great opportunities will come your way but think about all aspects of the situation before grabbing hold of them.

2: If you want to stand out you need to innovate and position your brand creatively.

3: Hard times will come, and the only way to make it through is by swallowing your pride.


The world is not an easy place that you may not need to work hard, but working smart is necessary. for example. In Nigeria Sub-Sahara Africa where I came from. The government of my country is so corrupt that things in this part of the world are so hard, making the majority of my countrymen work very hard with zero nothing only but poverty to show for. that few work smart and have many to show for, so understanding that working hard is not bad, but working smarter is necessary


How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar’s Business In Months. STEP One

Getting started:

Until you started, you will never get it, so when you want to grow million naira or dollar’s business in months your first assignment is to get started. Starting with whatever you have


Getting started


Before Elon Musk became the richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos now the second richest in the world was once then the richest man on earth and when you read how he started, you will be humble, he started with nothing, from his humble beginning he made a lot of mistakes with unformed ideas, finances and many more. What made him rose is the fact that he took a step.


So if you want to build a million naira or dollar’s business you must get started not mending if you are getting it right or not, you must kill the fear of making mistakes, failing, etc, you should take actions, if mistakes and failure want to occur let them occur such are best but part of learning.


Just like movie lovers, if you love to see heroes rise to victory in their stories. Whether it’s mythology or superhero movies, we’re constantly hearing these tales. It’s inspiring to see the hero think a little differently and utilize their ingenuity to triumph against a life-threatening challenge.


And if you know of any of the stories behind successful businesses you’ll know that it’s the same elements that make these individuals’ experiences so interesting also. 


There’s more to it than the need for cash, late nights hustling, building million or dollar business of days, tells you to work both day time and night, it tells your business should be on the internet running on 24.7 with an ongoing paid promotion and free listing


And working from all sorts of places. Underneath it all, there’s a story that can motivate anyone to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.


It also tells you to build a network of people and best you should avoid the greediness of running such business all by your self, business work faster if you have a network of serious and dedicated minds.


Underneath it all, there’s an idea that’s so wild that it might work. And entrepreneurs that are so crazy might succeed.


Lesson 1: Keep your eye out for great opportunities, but analyze the situation thoroughly before you jump into anything.

Sometimes, in the world of business, entrepreneurship, it seems like all it takes is hard work to get things off the ground. While you have to put in the effort, working smarter is the greater, it’s not everything. If you don’t have a good idea, it’ll never take off.


But how do you find something worth investing your time and money into? Does it require a lightbulb moment or do you have to go out and find something? The truth is that you have to start something, start moving forward to get ideas to start coming. This is because there are ideas unfold in that little idea’s of your


And if you’re wondering whether it’s a good enough opportunity simply ask yourself if you believe it’s worth giving up everything you’re working on now to pursue.


Lesson 2: Position your brand creatively if you want to stand out.

As you start your business or company you might get some money from your parents and a few friends. Maybe you even invest your life savings. But that still won’t be enough, unfortunately. 


You don’t have enough cash to do this on your own, for one. And you probably also don’t have enough mentors, experience, or intelligence either. But don’t let that discourage you, all it takes is finding the right people and getting innovative.


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It’ll be tough to get into whatever crowded marketplace you’ll be going for. But take a little bit of creative inspiration from the fact that when the business niche is saturated, that tells you that is lucrative


Building a network and connecting with people can also sell your business or company faster, as the saying goes powerful connections are another way to get the word out about what you’re selling. Ultimately, though, as Mark Zuckerberg put it, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.”


To get that priceless word-of-mouth marketing going, simply make a fantastic product that people can’t help but talk about.


Lesson 3: You’ve got to let go of your pride if you want to be resilient when a crisis strikes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, nobody is immune to catastrophe, whether it’s an act of God or a mistake. And no matter the reasons, you as the leader must take responsibility for dealing with it all. 


Remember that you’re never helpless to resolve issues that come up. If you’re worried about what to do about problems, then you may never have the opportunity to take the big risk


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Once you list your business online and start effective promotion of your business product and services the right sales will begin plummeting and the business or company will start to grow, more sales mean more profit. 


These are simple but How To Build A Success Million Naira Or Dollar’s Business In Months. start with this idea and take me later


Yours in success

Mbonu Watson 

From All Of Us


We Thank God


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