How To Build Passive Income And Become Wealthy

How To Build Passive Income And Become Wealthy

Everything around the world is money, if you can see the money in everything then everything will become money to you, today we are to discuss how to build passive income and become wealthy


You don’t need to do everything to make money from everything and you cant see having multiple streams of incomes as a crime, No is not a crime


On like in my country Nigeria where people directly or indirectly abuse those into multiple streams of income, calling them a jack of all trade yet the richest man in Africa, being Dangote has multiple streams of income



If you are born poor, maybe your parents are poor, so you have experienced poverty, there is a big hope for a better you, you can beat poverty in just a matter of time


One simple way of beating poverty is to start and build passive income, business modules that can be making you money even when you are sleeping


I will do my best to make this topic How To Build Passive Income And Become Wealthy simple and direct. To do that, there are 4 steps required for building a passive income. Namely


  1. Ideas are required
  2. Money is required
  3. Time is required
  4. Energy is required


The above being the four basic requirements for building passive income and for the benefits of those who do not understand what Passive Income is all about


Here Is The Definition Of Passive Income

Passive income is earnings derived from a business, product, or services in which a person is not actively involved.


In life, you must be disciplined and put some scuttling things away, things that don’t produce financial revenue passively or actively to you


Working passive incomes required that you should stop practicing the principles of unemployment


Unemployment has principles, only but two types of principles

1: Directly unemployed

2: Principled unemployed


Directly unemployed: are those who are completely unemployed, maybe they have gone to school, graduated, and have spent about two years searching for work but yet no job. These categories of people have no job, no business, no working, no freelance services. nothing but certificates and completely unemployed


Principled Unemployed: this are people who are unemployed by behavior, they have work, they have a business running, they may be into freelance jobs, networking business and many more, yet act unemployable


Building passive income, when established can make you rich, bring you more revenue even when you are sleeping


Start building passive income now, your time starts now, also go to the NairaLEARN courses section to secure our premium courses capable of changing your financial life for good


Most time building passive income demands that you should learn skills for first-hand knowledge and ideas, learning creative skills needed for job placement and freelancing autopilots works are crucial


A man is poor because he has no product or service, in the other words, A man is rich because he has a product or service to sell and make money from


This above is the real definition of being poor financially and being rich. learn to start where you are, start with what you have no matter how little its, learn to start and give room for further learning and reinvesting


The richest man in the world today Jeff CEO of Amazon doesn’t have a physical product slot, his 95% of wealth come passively, so think passively today


How to build passive incomes begins with the Ideas you have, then proceed with the investment, and here you need money to invest and put your ideas into action


Money is most people’s problem, people are afraid of investing but quicker to spending on the none asset activities, Until you understand how to invest your money rightfully, money may never work for you, rather you will spend all your life working for money


Time Is Required: for effective passive income, yes time is required, there are things you should pay more attention to, you can read Understanding The 80/20 Rule By Mbonu Watson for more understanding of this area


There is no such short cut to success, you just have to learn the best ways to wealth creation and follow the modules that work. Think creatively and don’t forget


Everything around the world is money, just think and come up with a solution and your passive income wealth will over follow


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