How To Index Your Website Using Organic Search Engine Ranking

How To Index Your Website Using Organic Search Engine Ranking

Here I will be simple, as well direct to the points, which is how you can index your website or any website organically being consistent in doing the following:

  1. >>> Have good content on your website,
  2. >>> Leverage social bookmarking with new content
  3. >>> Keep Creating high traffic websites link
  4. >>> Leverage Guest Posting
  5. >>> Leverage Featured article posting
  6. >>> Focus on organic and manual backlinks submission, share and bookmark
  7. >>> Focus on publishing and distributing contents links
  8. and lastly
  9. >>> Never you copy contents

Now let me break this thing down a bit, so even if you are a newbie or an SEO layman reading this article you can easily comprehend and best get the points am trying to make here

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Haven refers you to that, let get back to our today topic, starting with the first thing you need to do in other to index your website correctly

How To Index Your Website Using Organic Search Engine Ranking

1: Have good content on your website:

Just as the sayings goes, content is king, you can never rank a site with zero content or more a website with poor contents

Even if you try to use black hack techniques to rank a site with zero or poor content, yes it will rank at the initial stage and will diffidently drop as time goes by

So the first solution in ranking a site is putting up quality content on your website, the quality here refers to, good and unique articles, pictures, Instructional guide

You or your website developer also have to look into the looks and feel of your site, the design, the layout and navigation, and best how mobile-ready as well how fast is your website loading

If you can get 80% positive records on quality content across your website then you are doing well and best, that is a good start to better days on SEO indexes and rankings

2: Leverage social bookmarking with new content

Social bookmarking contents marketing is still working to date and is contributing a lot when you talk of how Google fast track and index your website

Social bookmarking is the process of You learning how to leverage social bookmarking platforms such as Delicious and many other online social bookmarking services

This allows you to share content about your site and best have a link bookmark for your website right on their platform which will be indexed by a search engine robot, from time to time giving your site more votes to rank ahead of its competitors

3: Keep Creating high traffic websites link

The good thing about websites and web pages is tied to their uniqueness, there is never a website link that is deemed

Quote me: contents inside a website page can be the same but the links are never the same, there are all uniquely encoded

So the question here is, do you create high-traffic websites links that will benefit your site ranking? 

Here the answer is simple because all links are unique, and all search engines are always hungry for fresh links, so just because of this single reason

Is important that you consistently be creating links these links should not be limited to your website only, as you also need to leverage other people websites in creating links and best liking any article you created back to your website

4: Leverage Guest Posting

Guest posting still works great when it comes to website optimization, indexing, and ranking, all you need is to find a good website and request to write to the website webmaster or owner’s as a guest author

Most webmasters already understand this and many will honor your request provided that your articles are unique and of high quality.

In most cases, Guest posting comes in the form of, IF you scratch my back, I will return the favor by scratching your back too

What this means, is that some webmaster will also like to have you as a guest post, on their web platform as well you do love to have them, by so doing, there will be link exchange, with quality contents, this is a great way of indexing a website and getting more backlinks

5: Leverage Featured article posting

Featured articles are the opposite of guest posting, here you present yourself or your business as the author of the article, Features articles are sourced the same way guest posting is done, just that as the name implies

Most webmaster normally charges some fees to allow featured articles listed on their platform, in as much, while some will also allow you to write to them provided your articles are of high quality

6: Manual backlinks submission, share, and bookmark

A lot has been said and done to backlinks, some SEO professional still says, backlinks is dead, SEO is dead, lol. The truth is none is dead, not even backlinks come to talk of SEO being dead

What’s is dead is backlinks gotten mostly with automated scripts, if you are getting your backlinks manually, my dear, backlinks are still relevant and you should never be discouraged in getting backlinks for your website platform or that of your mobile app

How To Index Your Website Organic Search Engine Ranking (1)

So also focus on getting backlinks and more backlinks for your website by leveraging manual submission with good content, the keyword links back to your website, website pages or blog post, etc.

7: Focus on publishing and distributing content regularly

Don’t leave your website in a static mode, always find time to write good content and publish them live on your website

Craft out a publishing cycle, it could be one or twice in a week or more than, the choice is yours, my point is for you not to leave your website static, by not publishing fresh contents in a long time

The good thing about publishing regularly is that your website will pass a message to Google, Bing, yahoo, and every other search engine that this website is active, and the bot that normally craw website should be coming to index your site, possible daily searching for new and fresh contents to crawl and index

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And whenever a bot comes to crawl and index your website, it most searches for new content, when it sees new content in your website it does index it. all search engine bot loves fresh content, so plan to supply them with what they want consistently.

8: Never copy contents

Avoid the copy and paste content distributorship, what this tells, is very simple, the copy and paste can never do your business any good rather, it will decrease the growth of your business as well the reputation of your website platform

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So avoid it, only but write your articles, no matter how difficult writing articles may look like, find time to learn the ethics of writing, learn CopyWriting, and best hire writers to assist you, by so doing. Friend. you are doing well

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