How To Make Your Business Available for your Ideal Customers To Find you

How To Make Your Business Available for your Ideal Customers To Find you In Hundred To Thousands

Dear Friends

Here you will be learning How To Make Your Business Available for your Ideal Customers. The simples things you should do for your customers to find your business online

How will you feel, seeing your business products and services selling like crazy, from tens to hundreds, thousands to millions of sales with massive profits daily

These and many other things are possible with the availability of the internet, over billions of internet users globally, when you optimize your business correctly, you stands a better chance of seeing the power of the internet upon your business


To Optimize Your Business Online:

First, you need to learn where your ideal customers are always hanging out, Which Internet platform do they use often. 

You need this knowledge to figure out where and where you should take your business content for massive view and viral trend engagement

How To Make Your Business Available for your Ideal Customers To Find youThis does not matter whether you are running a paid promotion online or you are running a free listing, the rule applies to both, and is important you understand that

It’s important that you learn it and be consistent in delivering value to the online communities irrespective of the platform your ideal customers, leads are always hanging out.

HANGING OUT HERE: Simple means which websites, mobile app, SMS Mobile technology, Game technology, Audio, Podcasting, and Radio FM Technology, etc. do your ideal customers use the most!

Understanding where they always hang out may force you to try random things, tools, tweak, techniques, and many more. 

Yes you will need to try many things as in the line of internet marketing everything is a test and until you have tried one tech or the others, no one can tell if it will work for your type of business, campaign strategies, or not.

Everything Online Is A Test which in some cases the patient is paramount


Though on this article I will give you few tips that have been working for me, as well to ten’s, hundreds and to thousands of business. I have directly and indirectly provided services for, and it went successful

To have helped people like you globally, from helping businesses to get up and start waxing leveraging the internet community, to picking up a dying business, strategies such business and give it more life, more chances to strive AND become a success

It all feels so good, so today, here in this article I too be giving just but a few tips on how you can achieve such by yourself. So pay attention to this is important

Among them are as follows

1: You need to invest in Web Design, Mobile App Or Use Business Directory Portal:

The message here is simple, it means you need to have a website for your business, A dedicated premium website for all your business products and services

This is not about having a social media account like, your business having Facebook Account, Instagram channel, Youtube, and the likes, yes having all these accounts is cool

But here our how to make your business available for your ideal customers to find you entails that you have a business website


Though having a self-hosted website for ”example” is never mandatory, it’s a choice.


But as an internet marketer, a developer from Africa Nigeria who has spent up to 9 good years online offering but services and products to the internet community, am saying having a website is important

So is either you have a website, mobile app or you use a Business directory and listing your business online, so people can find your business online easily


I will explain the essence of the business directory in a subsequent post some other time and for those whose business does not have a website yet

Here is an opportunity, yes let me use this opportunity to offer an 80% discount to those reading this article whose business does not have a website to kindly WhatsApp me with the keyword (I Need a website) to this number +2348068608490

Whatsapp us now, let talk about how to develop a professional website for your business in less than 1 week, you will have a business or personal website of yours. Remember having a website is important for all your online business success.


For those whose businesses do have a website, but there are not getting the positive response ( RESULTS) from their business website


Know that there is nothing to worry about if you are already regretting ever investing your hard-earned money into a website project.

I want to assure you that, there is no need for such feelings, so also contact us, using the above-listed Whatsapp Number, send us the name of your website and give us 24 hours to analyze what is wrong with your business website and fix it for you.

Web Design, Mobile App Or Use Business Directory Portal

The second tip here on how to make your business available for your ideal customers to find you are

2: You having the available GSM Numbers DatabaseEmail Database, and The Business Directory Database of your targeting audience and countries

Having an already compared GSM mobile phones number databaseemail address database, and business directories databases of your targeting audience matters, for example

Imagine if you have access to the GSM Numbers of Nigeria, or to Australia, Ghana, Canada etc. 

Not just the GSM Numbers database only, but all email databasesThe business directory database of such audience, having a database is like having raw gold in your hands

Having is one thing, understanding their usages, such as how you can use Mobile technology, The Bulk SMS, The WhatsApp Marketing, The Telegraph marketing, the Email Marketing, etc,

And reaching out to the audience of this databases is what matters and here I have made provision for such, Click here to Download Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email DatabaseThis can get you started


The Next On Our List Is

3: You need Google Search EngineBingsYahoo, and Youtube Search engine Marketing, and Optimization:

This still points to you having a website for your business, because greater business success is all about how well is your business keywords doing on the search engine

How well are you competing on the relevant keywords associated with your business products and services, of which millions of people are searching online daily?

When people take to google search, yahoo search, YouTube video search, voice search, yahoo search, business directory search, using the keywords associated with your business, are they finding you, are they finding your business? if you answer yes, then you are doing well, if the answer is no, then you are missing out

Search engine Marketing and Optimization

Here is yet another opportunity to fix these, if your business is missing out on search engines, then get in touch with us, let optimize your business for Google, being, YouTube, and business directory search listing, use the mobile WhatsApp Number +2348068608490 to reach us, now let get this fixed


4: You Need to get into Content Authoring:

When it comes to online (Content is king) and if you want people to find you easily online, you just have to learn how to give the internet community some quality contents

Your contents here could be, brief articles about your business, long description articles about your business, even your personal life, the how-to of your business articles, blog posting, Image description of your business, audio messages, videos, you need but a few. 

You need good content to excel positively online, you need to be publishing good content about your business online.

Quality contents is the king

I hope you have learned something cool here, though there are many other tips, the above list is a sure win, if only you can pick just two among the four lists, is not necessary you get involved with all four, only two or three will still give you a good result

The internet has come to stay, the internet is a great blessing to millions, to people like you and me, my company’s success is as a result of the internet. so forever, I will remain grateful to God, to society, and the internet COMMUNITY

All that matters is your understanding of how this machine called the internet possibilities works

You need to understand it and best implement it into your business, into your personal life for your business growth and success

The life of every business is the customer’s buyers, if people don’t buy from you, your business stands a greater risk of dying, I mean those who offer you money in exchange for whatever business products or services you are providing, are the loads here. there are the customers we are talking about here

And you must learn smart ways to appreciate and outsmart all your competitors and driving your ideal customers to your business, most of the time is not just about your waiting for your customers to come and find your business

But by you making your business content available, applying the tips I have listed here, so your ideal customers will be the ones searching, by so doing they will find you on their own

That is to say, customers remain the reason why you are still in business, the day a business stop getting customers, that is the beginning of the end to such business

Don’t remain calm when your business is not getting the rightful leads and customers, strive, Get access to Download Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email Database here, watch the videos and read the ebooks that come with it, then apply them to your business for greater success


As a business owner, you have likely experienced the power of the referral, but are you getting as many as you would hope? try one or two of these tips and thank us later

From Mbonu Watson C, NL_SOFT owner’s of NairaLEARN ayou number Nigeria eLearning platform, visit NairaLEARN Courses and enrol into any of the listed course NOW

Hope you have read this “‘ now use the comment box section to drop your comment, I personally will love to hear from you, drop your comment, feel free to ask us any question in line with today topic


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