4 Amazing Ways To Generate Free Traffic And Promote Your Business ONLINE

4 Amazing Ways To Generate Free Traffic And Promote Your Business ONLINE

Who says you need to spend tons of money to market your business online or offline?? no, you don’t

Spending money to promote your business can be very stressful if you are just starting new with zero experience

And for many reasons, you may not have the financial budget for paid ads across the web

Pay Attention To What Am About To Share With You Here

So today am going to reveal to you 4 Amazing Ways To Generate Free Traffic And Promote Your Business ONLINE. just pay attention and take action after reading this post


In marketing everything is a test, you must be open to trying out both the Free Ads Listing and Sponsored Ads, yes you should use both but don’t always depend on everything FREE FREE

You can start with FREE Ads listing, once you start to earn, then you try to upgrade to paid listing ads across all media available to you online and offline


The basic idea with online marketing started with the algorithm of the search engine. To rank well on the World Wide Web, you need to have lots of websites pointing links to your website or business listing, this will increase your website link popularity and also give your business an authority


However, if you are new in the Internet business and don’t have much budget for such advertising, submitting your business to website directories or publishing your business products and services to web articles classified ads can be more of help


Writing an article about your business is the best and most effective way to market your business on the Internet. Best of all, it’s FREE when you are using Web classified ads to sell your business products and services


Here Are Some Pointers You Need To Know When Submitting Your Business To Web Directories or Web Article Classified Ads: 

1: Choose the right category 

A search on the site will generate a few categories, select the category related to your business niche or product, and add your business information to it

Also add your business description, being about your business, if you have a website add your website link, add your mobile contact, add all your social media channels, add your logo, etc.

Choose the right category

Because pictures tell a million words, you should add pictures of yourself and few pictures brands to your business and much more to all website directories you are listing your business on


2: Use Keyworded content

Using keyword should start with the name of your company then add other keywords related to the name of your products or services, you can use short keywords with two to three words or best use long keywords with above four words

Use Keyworded content

Keywords are very very important, also name and save your images with a keyword, it helps in ranking your business online

For example! If you are selling Amazon gift cards in your business, litter sparingly your article with the word “Amazon gift cards”. The chances of it being searched by the search engine for “Amazon gift cards” will be higher.

Hope you got the use keyword content of a thing, if your answer is yes, let proceed


3: Length of article 

Length content but simple to read will bring you more sell, so learn to use length but simple contents

Don’t use stressful words, but use easy words, easy to pronounce, easy to read and comprehend, and many more simple words

The viewer reading your article might not have much patience and time. So your content should convey your message in the shortest possible time.

Length of article

Very often I read articles that beat around the bush that is very bad for marketing. The viewer might get agitated and skip your article for the next one unless your article is very well written. My suggested length will be between 300-1200 words if you can


4: Don’t forget to add your URL 

Whether you have a website or not, always add your website URL, if you don’t have a website, you can use WhatsApp link URL or any of your social channel URL, You can even use the URL of your business listing, listed on Afrinotes Directory Portal

Don’t forget to add your URL

I have seen web articles classified ads very well written and yet they are doing themselves a disservice by now putting an URL to their website

Getting all excited?? Why not? Put on your thinking cap and start to write your web article classified ads for your business. Don’t forget, it must be keyworded content promoting your business.


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These are the 4 Amazing Ways To Generate Free Traffic And Promote Your Business ONLINE, hope it was fun to learn

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We Thank God and Man for these are just a few ways we can say thank you to the online community for making us who we are today. WE THANK YOU ALL


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