How To Marry Right By Peace Ibiyeomie

How To Marry Right By Peace Ibiyeomie

Here is a quick one, simple but powerful, being the recent post share from Peace Ibiyeomie, the Wife of Pst: David Ibiyeomie, Televangelist, founder, and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries headquartered at Port Harcourt. Nigeria

The message is so simple, simple, and direct with biblical references, you will feel the weight of the message after reading it and having a deep thought.


Here It Goes: How To Marry Right By Peace Ibiyeomie

First: she made it clear that an individual should know himself or herself first before  thinking of finding the right partner to marry, in her post testament


You need to know yourself and make yourself right until then you can’t identify the right person when he or she comes. So make yourself right, if you are not yet born again.

Become a born again and accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and personal savor, such much can be your great start in finding your rightful partner for marriage

She continues in giving 10 IMPORTANT Points, with biblical quotes, read and enjoy the post shared below

1. Be born again (John 3:7) (2 Corinthians 6:14-18)

2. Make yourself fit to be married (Matt 7:3-5)

3. You must have a vision that aligns with that of the person you want to marry (Prov 29:18)

4. Have the same belief

5. Be compatible and like-minded

6. Easy acceptability

7. You both respect boundaries

8. Marry someone who loves you unconditionally

9. A considerate and honest person.

10. They are willing to make the sacrifice.

In all, when it comes to knowing the right person, you must be prayerful, yes prayer is very important n finding your rightful partners, there are things prayers can do which no man can so be prayerful as a man, as a woman

And don’t enter into any relationship if peace is absent. Peace is the acid test to determine the right person. I believe this message is clear


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Remember a peaceful relationship births a peaceful marriage, so don’t enter or continue in a relationship when peace is nowhere to be found

Source: Peace Ibiyeome. Published by NairaLEARN Team


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