Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now

Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now

Friend: have you ever been told to wait for God’s time that God’s time is the best, Have you ever?

Personality Isn't Permanent, God's Time Is Now


You see, some words can be deceptive if you fail to apply realistic thinking. Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s time is now don’t be deceived


Have you ever been shatter, long-held beliefs that you’re stuck as yourself, flaws and all, by identifying why the person you are is changeable and giving you specific and actionable steps to change? but yet you can’t


The beauty of life is that, living is not about discovering yourself, but about creating yourself


What is your dream, your goal of life? I Want you to know right now that things have changed, the world is no longer the way it uses to be, norms have gone, Cultural values and ethics is on the declined, evil at increase. bad act now seems like a normal act


The years when discovering oneself has come and gone. Now our days. what it takes to be great is creating your self, so don’t just waste your valuable time trying to discover yourself, but focus more on creating yourself


Create The Personality You Have Always Dreamed:

Create the love you have ever wanted by loving yourself the more when you love yourself the more, you will have less time trying to rediscover love from ex where


Create the career, the wealth, the good health, the family, the heaven on earth you have ever dream off.


Life is for the living, I just want to use this medium to reengineer your inner self and let you know that personality isn’t permanent, God’s time is now, no needs waiting for tomorrow to give your self the best you can ever imagine


We all love to get results from personality tests. It’s fun to compare and see which celebrities and friends of yours have the same as yours.


But personality tests are harmful because they keep you from reaching your full potential. in other words, stop trying to be someone ex, personality isn’t permanent, you can always recreate yourself


What?! You’re thinking I must be crazy. You love clinging to what you think your personality is because it describes you so well. How could it be holding you back?


The truth behind these tests is that they keep you from having a growth mindset. They make you think that this is who you are, have always been, and always will be. 


They keep enslaving you that now is not the right time, keep lying to you that God’s time is the best, so now is never a good time, so you should wait, hope and if you are a religious fanatic, you should pray harder, they keep telling you


But that’s false. You can change, improve, and have the life you’ve always dreamed of. All it takes is letting go of your beloved personality type results and recreate yourself


Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now, Here Are 3 Ways You Can Recreate Yourself


The 3 biggest lessons I want to share with you. 

First, know that there are destructive myths about a personality that leads to mediocrity and supports the fixed mindset that holds you back


Your goals determine your personality and are the tool you need to change your identity.


No matter who you’ve been in the past or who you are now, you can upgrade how you see yourself and transform your future.


Lesson 1: Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now

Your fixed mindset holds you back and makes your life mediocre because of the five destructive myths of personality.


People can and do change. You know that you want to improve your life, but believing that your personality is fixed is damning your progress.


Here are the five myths of personality that keep you from being your best self:

  • You can categorize personality into “types.”
  • Your personality is ingrained and unchangeable.
  • What happened to you in the past determines your personality.
  • You have to discover your personality.
  • Your personality test results describe who you really are.


Let’s briefly dive into these and discover why they’re false.


Type-based personality tests aren’t scientific. It’s a gross misrepresentation of the complexity of what it means to be human to think we can categorize people into types.


Additionally, research shows that your personality changes dramatically over the years. Think about who you were 10 or 15 to 20 years ago and you’ll realize how true this is.


You think your personality is permanent because of past traumas, the identity you think you have, your subconscious, and your environment. Our perception of historical events changes over time, so why can’t the way we think about ourselves?


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


And finally, the last myth is destructive because trying to be “true to yourself” keeps you from being flexible and learning to change.


Lesson 2: Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now

  • You can change your identity and personality through setting goals.
  • Every action you perform has a purpose. Another word for purpose is the goal. 


And whether you consciously think of them or not, your goals determine your identity.


Some time our life goals are questionable, when you discover that your goal doesn’t represent the real you, what you have to do is to quickly question your goals, upgraded them to be healthy, and changed your personality.


Goals drive every decision you make. To find out the aims you want to have to change your personality, look at three sources:


  • Exposure
  • Desire
  • Confidence


Open your eyes to the possibilities around you. Get more experiences to see what the world has to offer and what you stand to gain


You can’t make decisions and choices if you don’t know they exist.”

Next: your desires are important because you don’t do anything if you don’t want it. If what you want isn’t healthy right now, train it by actively changing it to what you know is healthy.


And lastly, you need to have confidence that you can accomplish your goals or you won’t even consider them. Go beyond your current comfort zone and be willing to fail if you want to break free of what limits your courage now.



Lesson 3: Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now

You can improve the way you view your personality and change your future, regardless of where and who you’ve been in the past.


Your past doesn’t make you, your today does, so learn to let go your ugly past and focus on today for the betterment of the future


A young man named Nonso always struggled with his weight as did his whole family. Seeing the health problems his parents were having, he asked himself some life-changing questions:


“What will my future be like if I continue to struggle with my weight? At age seventy, what will I be like?”


Connecting with your future self isn’t always easy. But considering whether or not you want to keep your current reality for decades makes things a lot more clear.


There are four steps to help you identify the future you want. The first is to carefully analyze the future you don’t realize that you’ve consigned yourself to. 


Picture your life at age seventy. Are you okay with the way things turned out?

Next:  you can write your own biography as if you’d already lived your whole life. Freewrite and begin by asking yourself:


  • What were the major events?
  • How do people remember your life? 
  • What were your accomplishments?


Then imagine what your future self is like three years from now. Ask and journal about these questions:


  • What is a typical day like?
  • What’s your work like?
  • How are you different than you are now?


The last step is to simply tell your new story, to others and yourself, as if it was already your reality.


Personality Isn’t Permanent, God’s Time Is Now is changing my life. I say changing because I’m going to re-read my life as much as I can to change and improve my life now.


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