The Three Types Of Internet Traffic

The Three Types Of Internet Traffic

To make it online you must understand the three types of internet traffic, you must understand to experience exponential growth is this: There are only three types of traffic:  being


1: Traffic you control 

2: Traffic you don’t control 

3: Traffic you OWN

The Three Types Of Internet Traffic

Yes the above are the three types of internet traffic and is important that you understand how they work together when it comes to internet business and success

Understanding how these traffic works will enable you to direct the right traffic to the right offers, and convert the highest number possible into buyers and repeat clients.


I will detail how these three internet traffic works live on this article  The Three Types Of Internet Traffic, Just pay attention as we proceed


The Three Types Of Internet Traffic

Your one and ONLY goal once it comes to doing business online is to sell more and make more and more profit, and that depends on the amount of internet traffic you can drive to your offer


In the real sense of the online world, traffic determines how you list grow and increase your sales


So among the three internet traffic I listed, I will like to discuss on them starting with


# Traffic You Own:

I want to begin our discussion with the third type of traffic listed above because it’s the most important. Yes the traffic your own is the most important among the traffic type

Traffic you own


The traffic you own is the BEST kind of traffic. It’s your email list or your followers, readers, customers, etc.  I call this the traffic that I “own” or the traffic you reading this article owned


It’s the traffic I own because I can send out an email, post a message to my followers, or make a blog post, and I will generate instant traffic right from the traffic I own.


I don’t have to buy it from Google or Facebook. I don’t have to do any PR or SEO. This is my own distribution channel


I can send out messages anytime I want, with no new marketing costs. I can sell things to these people over and over again, and all of that, to the type of traffic that I owned


When you own this type of traffic, each time you make a blast to them, money comes back as pure profit.  Due the truth is that this type of traffic doesn’t come overnight, in fact, you have to build them, by creating a squeeze page that collects internet users email address and possible phone numbers


You have to look for ways and promote the squeeze page across the internet and you will also need an email autoresponder. Click here to Get The Global Pandemic Kid, Learn And MAKE Money Online Masterclass and discover live on a step by step modules best ways you can create a squeeze page and have your squeeze page promoted across the internet


With this method, you are sure of building over 2k email list weekly

Remember To Own A List Of Your Own: you have to build a list, make list building a much higher priority


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That’s why it’s so important to convert the other two types of traffic (both traffic you control and traffic you don’t control) into subscribers and buyers (traffic that you own) as quickly as possible. The bigger your list, the more money you make. that is how the online business success works


#Traffic You Control: 

The next type of traffic is the traffic you control. You control traffic when you have the ability to tell it where to go.

For example, if I purchase an ad on Google,, Facebook etc I don’t own that traffic (Google and other site owners do).



But I can control it by buying an ad and then sending those who click on that ad anywhere I want. I can send the traffic to my squeeze page or best to a low price sale page if my aimed of building traffic is to build buyers list only


Any kind of paid traffic is the traffic you control, including the following: 

  • Email ads
  • Solo ads
  • Banners Ads
  • Links Exchange
  • Directories Listing and Mentions
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Affiliates Ads
  • Joints Ventures
  • Yahoo Ads, etc.


I personally LOVE traffic that I can control, but my big problem is that every time I want more of it, I have to spend more money to get it.


So my goal is always to send any traffic that I am going to purchase over to a type of website we call a “squeeze page.” or best a low price sale page products and services


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e.g Squeeze pages have one goal and no distractions. There is only one thing for the visitor to do on this page. 


This squeeze page is a very simple page with ONE goal: to convert traffic that you control into traffic that you own. I send all of my paid traffic to a squeeze page, and when the visitors get there, they only have ONE option:


They enter their email address and give me an email address or leave.


Yes, a certain percentage of people that visit the squeeze page will leave, but the cool thing is that some of those people will give you a personal email address. After that


The traffic you control becomes traffic that you own, and you can start sending the new potential buyer news letters and sales campaigns 


#Traffic You Don’t Control:

This last type of traffic just shows up, and I don’t have any control over where it came from or where it goes.



For example, if someone mentions my book, video, article on Facebook, their followers may search my name in Google, and they may land on some random page in my blog.


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I didn’t have control over any part of that sequence of events. There are lots of types of traffic that I don’t control, including Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)


Search traffic (search engine optimization or SEO) Guest blog traffic YouTube Guest interviews Now, just like traffic that I control


My ONLY goal with traffic that I don’t control is also to turn it into traffic that I own. To do this, I try to push all traffic that I don’t control back to my website or blog.


When people go there, the only real thing they can do is to give me their email addresses. After they do that, they become traffic that I own, and I can put them into my communication funnels


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The Three Types Of Internet Traffic



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