There are only 3 legal ways to create wealth for yourself in Nigeria

There are only 3 legal ways to create wealth for yourself in Nigeria


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Surviving in Nigeria is of three ways, this article. There are only 3 legal ways to create wealth for yourself in Nigeria was inspired by Obi Cubana’s interview

The reality is, Obi Cubana has been trending online. serious this guy has been on silent for a few years back, with that of his late mother’s burial some few days ago, boom, Obi Cubana became the talk of the day, talk of the town, talk of Nigerians

We have watched videos, on videos about the Nightlife billionaire and have also watched the Interview he granted after the burial of his mother

In his words, the only way to make money is to work, work, work hard, be nice, keep your hand straight, if you can only keep your hand neat, and you are working hard, then you have already solved 90% of the problem, the remaining 10% is grace, God grace and that is between you and God


In the last lines of his interview, he then said, there is no soap to cut, nothing like soap no soap can work, Pastors can’t make you rich, native doctors can’t make you rich only but your ability to work


So Here We are going to cover the 3 legal ways one can use to create wealth in Nigeria… starting with

1: It is either you are lucky to get a high-income job, 

2: Or You belong to the ruling party, yes I mean the Government, be it the Federal level, State government level or local Government, it is either you are part of the Government or have some connections with the Government

and lastly

3: It is either you have a skill, you have started a high-income business of yours

Now here are the problems, just as the says goes, everything that has pros also has its coins

The problem is – high-income jobs are rare and difficult to get. most times you need connections to connect and get these types of Jobs in Nigeria

Another is that politics in Nigeria is not easy, because the mentality of Nigerians politicians is wired to looting, these set off people can do anything possible to get themselves into government, then held power, remain in power, and keep power, so if you don’t have the mind they do, the mentality they flow with, it will be very difficult for you to get into such prey. Nigeria politics


And again, high-income businesses usually require a lot of money to start.

That is why I was glad when I read this report titled: Where the Money Is Right Now and How to Get It.

Now after you most have brainstorm all the above mentions, you too agree with me that none of them is easy, but failed to start any of them is the hardest

For Example, Someone is jobless, unemployed, and broke the simple is to find a job, provided the person has a certificate, skills, or no certificate, there is always availability of jobs out there. Another question is, will such a person accept the type and nature of the job, join with the payroll as some may be low pay jobs

There are only 3 legal ways to create wealth for yourself in Nigeria

Yes some of these jobs may not suit your need, some may but you may not have the skills, certificate or man know man connection affecting job placement in Nigeria, so this legal way of creating wealth in Nigeria may be hard for you


So if such ways are hard, should you give up, the answer should be no, you just have to keep striving, connecting with people, working hard, and best praying for Devine favor from God


Another is to try to look for skill and learn, with the way Nigeria is going, learning skills is a wise choice, don’t just limit yourself with having a certificate only, ALSO PLAN TO LEARN A GOOD SKILL

You just have to think more of learning high paying and in-demand skill career, get the skillset and try again, searching for a job, this time around with your skill

Or best you learn smart ways to leverage your skill and use it to get yourself employed by starting your business modules


The good news here is that we have made available some high paying skills you can learn, starting from the comfort of your home, with just your smartphone, or computer system you are good to go

Some of these skills, if you are determined to take action, learn them, start practicing. Are capable of creating wealth for you within the shortest time

Among the skills you should learn are, AdMob masterclass, with this course you will learn smart ways to develop a mobile app, and best monetize your app with AdMob network and start earning

You will not only be earning from AdMob, but you can also position yourself as a Mobile App DeveloperA career set hundred to thousands of people are searching for Mobile app developers daily


Learning how to develop mobile apps, will position and find you jobs within Nigeria and across Nigeria, as long you listed your career as a mobile app developer to the international community, that will find you jobs, people in need of your services all over the world will find you, have a project deals with you, when you take up such deal and deliver’s, you have also made your self cool wealth

So get the AdMob Masterclass Here to get started, learning how to develop a mobile app, from the comfort of your home starting with just your mobile phone

There are other courses, you can learn to better your life, such as Inverter Installation course, Importation BusinessExportation BusinessWebsite DevelopmentWhatsApp Marketing CourseDigital Marketing CourseSearch Engine Optimization CourseFootball betting masterclass, which is only advisable for Football fanatic and many more course available at Nairaleran course, go check it out

3 legal ways to create wealth

If you already have a business but need more sales, crazy sales, then you need to get the GSM Number and Email Database of Nigerians, with over 135 million databases. you are good to go

You can promote your business and services to over 135 million Nigerians with just a click of a button

These are just but a tips slip for those looking for legal ways to make good wealth in Nigeria and I hope this simple article was helpful

Now join the opinion desk, use the comment box to drop your comment in line with this topic, 3 legal ways to create wealth for yourself in Nigeria

In all, Thanks for reading, also Read more articles here, and click here to secure any of our premium courses, empower yourself now with skill, and Thanks us later

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