Why You Should Develop The Habit Of Reading Books (Watch)

As the holiday draws near across Africa Nigeria, let’s not forget why you should encourage not just yourself but also the children who will be in long-term holidays to keep reading books, if possible reading books together with you 


Developing The habit of Comprehensive BOOK Reading

You see, most people, adults in particular think the moment they leave school, that moment they are certified graduate end the need to continue reading and studying


No wonder a wise man once said, in the quote below!!

If you want to hide facts and transformational information from a man, just put them into a book


As the gross majority of people around the world grows, and most people across African nations may not find it attractive to read due to poor reading culture in this part of the world.


Secondly, most people in this part of the world only read to pass their exams, there is more concern about the paper results, and their certificate when compared to reading comprehensive books that can change one’s life, career, skill, and general financial state


It’s Important To Read Books, Not Just Soft Copies eBook. BUT Hard Printed Copies of Books In Your Niche Field

Even as the internet grows and more people spent the majority of their time online, some browsing while watching videos, and sometimes reading viral news, articles, gossip, and ebook. Which are cool irrespective of the type of content they are more attracted to


It’s also important you know, there are big differences from when you are reading hard-printed book copies to when you are reading ebooks online, or when you are listening to audiobooks, there are big differences to them


When picking a hard copy book and reading it from start to finish, is completely different from when you are reading ebooks, soft copies of Kindle books, and listening to audiobooks and this habit of reading hard-printed books is what I want you to develop 


That does not mean, you should stop reading ebooks, articles online, or listening to an audiobook, no you should not stop, but in between leveraging digital devices for reading, you should not ignore the traditional way of reading as well


Often time, I do quote “The best gifting we as a human can gift ourselves, is an investment in learning”, in which reading books, including hard copies, is one sure way am recommending to you and the children who in a few weeks from now will be on long term holiday: So Let Continue To Build The Habit Of Reading Hard Copies


Now Here Are the Best Ways To Developing The Habit Of Reading Books

1: Make sure you buy books from books stores: at least one or two hard copies of books from any of the bookstores around your community. Just head to the local bookstore and get hard copies of any book that interests you




2: Create time for reading books: You can map out 3 hours daily or more to reading hard copies of books. Then target reading at least a copy of a printed hard book weekly or monthly. 

Why You Should Develop The Habit Of Reading BooksDepending on how far you can go, If you can’t make it weekly, then you need to consider reading just a single hard-copy book for a month and remember not to limit yourself to this. 


If you can read over 300 pages of books in two days then go ahead building such habit of reading and more importantly reading hard copies books


Just develop the habit of reading hard copies of books, there are more wins and enlightenment to reading printed books when compared to reading soft copies on electronic devices


Develop the habit of book reading and do this consistently, and see how your lifestyle will be improved over time remember to check out the Nairalearn course here and visit our blog section to read more posts


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Before we end this post, Remember It Takes Readers To Be Good Leaders, let this be your take home and keep #InvestingInReading #InvestingInYourSelf


In recent times, more people prefer watching videos, master classes, youtube, video courses and even listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Don’t forget that the traditional way of reading hard books is rated as one best ways to studying and self development

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