3 Things you need to know before starting an online business

3 Things you need to know before starting an online business

The majority of people have been inspired to start an online business, entrepreneurship, or take their existing offline business online

Which they did but possibly failed on their first attempt into the online business, some has failed within their first 1 year of making such an attempt

While it took few other years to accept the fact that their online business was a failure and has failed within their first six months, one year or thereabout

In other words, some people continuously push on their online business and did not give up soo some, not after 6 months, one year, 3 years, etc. working very much active to make their online business a success, yet no gain, only but nothing

Yes every business has its challenges, the same way offline business has its numerous challenges, online business has its own all through

That if you fail to align with these challenges, invest more of your time and resources on the rightful things that will help your online business strive, you may be among the 80% of people whose online business was a failure

Only but few have made it, according to research, which states that only but 20% of online business startups make it in their first 3 years

3 Things you need to know before starting an online business (1)

Yes in the 2020s is advisable that you reading this should have an online business or best take your offline business online for wider reach and global coverage

But first, you need to understand these 3 Things, there are too important to your online business success


Some people start their online business in a try and error techniques and yet no success, some gave up so easily because their expectations were cut short, you can’t but blame theme

So today here, we are going to discuss ‘3 Things you need to know before starting an online business” so pay attention. starting with tips number one

3 Things you need to know before starting an online business


1: No fully form Idea

You heard me right, there are no fully formed idea, no fully-formed startup, business, entrepreneurship, and many more, no fully-formed ideas, not even Facebook, Google, OR our humble NL SOFT startup owners of NairaLearn and AfriNotes

Ideas should be involving, updating, introducing, and many more, your ideas when it comes to online business should not be stagnant but adaptive to new technologies or trend

YOU IDEAS should be flexible, to be able to accept new things, introduce a new feature into your ideation, or best remove or end things that have never work or met your expectation

No fully formed ideas so you should learn to start that online business of yours, entrepreneurship or best take your existing business online

The good news is that It’s now easier to take a business online or best start an online business, first, you will need to define your business niche offers

Which can be YOUR BUSINESS products or services, once you have a niche offer, you can use Business Directory to list your business online 

More or less, you can start by creating social media channels for your business and get started from there. 

Because there are no full form ideas for the business, if you have started your online business using the business directorysocial media channels, etc. you should have plans of getting a website for your business

Ideas Are Nothing if you want to start your own online business but keep procrastinating, if you don’t stop procrastinating, you may never start and your idea may never see the light of the day

So plan and learn to start with whatever you have and don try to wait until your ideas are fully formed before you can launch your ONLINE business.

Always remember that ideas are never fully formed and learn to start with the little you have, be it little knowledge, skill, academic and many more, and lastly remember that Ideas are nothing when you failed to put such ideas into actionable goals by getting started


2: Have a good plan for your online business first 6 months to 1 Year calendar

You need to know these, is very important if you are running an online business or best you are planning to get started

You see, the first 6 months or 1 year of your online business are very important, here being patient is virtual, you need the patient to build your brand

You need to be patient for search engines to identify your brand and start ranking your content online, that is, if proper SEO Optimization was carried out on your business platform

If you are building email lead, WhatsApp Number Lead, Social channel leads, influencers lead, you need patience as well, some times you may have done everything necessary and right for your online business and yet not good result

Hey, is normal in some cases, so don’t just give up so easily, the internet is getting too saturated and very busy, you just need to keep doing the right things

Publishing quality products or services online with time, at the right time your online business will pick up and you will love the results. So having patience is vital to the survival of your online business and that is our second point on the 3 Things you need to know before starting an online business


3: Use Online Marketing Tools

Tools are what makes online marketing fun and lovely, believe me, there are thousands of tools, other words for internet tools can be apps, software, database leads, command prompt, everything about online marketing, online business is all about tools, the plugins, extensions name but few

In as much that you may not need many tools, there are basic and very important tools you should have, and here I will be revealing just three to you


1: You will need Products or Services to offer, Real products or services, in other words, your online business must be legit. please avoid illegalize biz and focus on legit online business


2: Email Leads: yes you will need an email lead and the basic knowledge of Email marketing, till date, being 30th September 2021, Email marketing remains the greatest success online wealth. 


To excel with your email lead and email marketing you will need the World Database, the over 172 countries business directory database. or if your business is focusing on Nigerians alone, you can as well get the Nigeria Business Database Here.


Email leads and knowledge on email marketing remain one of the top online business/internet marketing tools you must have, should you want your online business to be a greater success


3: Phone Number Database Leads

Having phone number database leads are important if you are in a country where BulkSMS Marketing is highly effective, not just bulk SMS, also WhatsApp Marketing is highly effective

For example, In Nigeria my country, Bulk SMS Marketing was once highly effective but has dropped as of the date the year 2021, while WhatsApp marketing is more effective across Nigeria these days


So getting mobile number database leads will be a plus win to your online business


Hope this helps, I have made my point on this very topic, also know that having good knowledge of Online marketing is very much important

Get the Digital Marketing Academy to learn the A To Z Of internet market and discover smart ways to grow your online business at ease




Don’t be among those that have all the internet marketing tools, but lack the marketing know-how. You are getting these from Mbonu WATSON, also do us a favor by joining the conversation, kindly use the comment box to drop your comment, we do love to hear from you. Cheers



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