How To Build An Online Business In Today’s World

Hi all, here are easy but smart ways to build an online business in today’s world, leveraging the power of niche-down business


You see, the big mistake most people make on their quest to build an online business, find a niche path is trying to go broad, venturing into a general niche is one mistake you should avoid at all costs


Targeting a broad niche is a mistake if you want to build an online business, leveraging the possibilities of today’s tech. This is one big mistake you should and must avoid. 

How To Build An Online Business In Today's World

I’m writing this to you from my 11-plus year’s experience in online business, startup, and tech


So now if you are to avoid such a mistake, most people have made and still making it. What then is the best practice today to building an online business?


If you read the above question, I receive these questions repeatedly as an online business consultant, website/mobile app developer, internet marketer, and SEO professional. People ask me this question on weekly bases


And here I will provide you the same answer and business guide I have always provided to my numerous customers who today have different striving online business


What Then Is The Best Way To Build An Online Business Today?

Answer Is: Niche Down

Yes to build an online business today, what you need is to niche down, Not going broad is a good practice, and not attempt going general on a niche just as I MENTIONED earlier. 


But find a specific niche, then niche down and start your online business targeting a sub-niche. YOU STAND A BETTER CHANCE OF GROWING YOUR Online Business WHEN YOU NICHE DOWN TO a specific sub-business category


I know you may not understand me, possibly you don’t understand the world (Niche Down) so I have made a short video explaining “How To Build An Online Business In Today World”, as well as “what I mean by (Niche Down) WATCH IT BELOW



Understanding The World Niche Down: 

How To Build An Online Business In Today World: Is by niching down. Yes, you have to Niche Down:


I have set up a lot of niche businesses, and start-ups for people around the world, as well as set up a general niche base business. 


The reality has always been that the niche down biz always perform better, faster, and succeeds while most general-based business fades off in a few years


For example, I have guided great numbers of people, including some of my beloved customers on the importance of niching down in business, and 95% of all those that followed my guide had a great success


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Note: Irrespective of the niche you are going into, is always best that you niche down, be it business directory niche, classified niche, ecommerce niche, health niche, relationship niche, car listing, Utility bill payment niche, Mobile Marketing SMS, or Real Estate Niche are all still broad, you can still in between these niches, find sub niche and Niche Down


Why You Should Always Niche Down

The reasons are that you stand a better chance of making it in your business when you niche down, be dedicated, respective, and focused to covering your business niche down topical mapping, as well as creating a high-quality business product, services, or content


How To Niche Down In Business (Practice)

For example, let’s say someone wants to go into e-commerce or a  classified business. Example of E-commerce is Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Alibaba etc while example of classified is Olist, Jiji, Creglist, and Todayclassified


First, you need to understand that e-commerce or classified niche are broad niche, in other words, some of the above website has already taken the top 10 spot in this niche. 


So you trying to go broad will likely find it hard, very difficult to beat most of the above top 10 competitors already in such a niche.


But when you niche down: Targeting sub-niche, you stand a better chance of winning in your targeting sub-niche. Hope you got my point. If you say yes, then let proceed


Avoid Broad Niche At All Cost

Knowing too well that both e-commerce and classified niches are broad, so is best “to your interest” you find a sub-niche in e-commence or classified and give your business a try instead of going broad, targeting general niche


Try to avoid that and go niche down, for example, you can go for car listings, or car reviews 


Car reviews are a hot niche and high-paying niche depending on the country you are


Same with phone listing, new or used phone listing, or phone reviews are also hot sub niches you stand a better chance of winning when you go broad


The list is endless. Where you can niche down rather than trying to beat an already crowded market where the top 10 positions have already been taken. Take the path of going sub-niche


Understanding The Law Of 80/20 To This Regards

When you niche down, the law of 80/20 with apply to you as the law of 70/30. Yes, there are 30 percent chances that you will succeed and 70 percent you will fail, cos that is what the law of 80/20 says


Succeeding in business is not an easy path, it takes smart hard work, finance, and time. Yes is normal for a lot of businesses to fail, but more opportunities to win when you niche down in today’s tech world. I hope this article and short video serve you.


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