How To Get Quality Edu Backlinks For Free

How To Get Quality Edu Backlinks For Free

Good Day House, Today am going to share with you, how to get quality Edu backlinks for free. all you need do is to follow this step by step guide and watch the video clips at the footer of the article

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How To Get Quality Edu Backlinks For Free

To get Edu backlinks, you should have the following

1: A Website links
2: An Email Address or best social accounts or pages
3: A Brief Description of your website
4: Any published work or research work etc
5: a .edu website with DA 98 Or 100 etc

The Requirements #1 On How To Get Quality Edu Backlinks For Free

1: Getting Your Website Page Link

In website. there are different types of links, e.g or and this type of website links are known as naked links

While the below are known as non-naked websites link. e.g and

Among both the naked or non-naked website links the best links still remains the naked links e.g, , etc

The good news is that Google, Bings and host of other search engine directories are pure in love with naked links and they rank websites with quality contents running on naked links faster

2: Getting An Email Address or Best Social Media Accounts

In other to register and add your website link ( URL ) most of them. The Edu website will require you to register on their platform with an active email address or best with an active social media account. e.g Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Now here is the secret, to creating a.Edu Account, its best for you to use an email address. related to the website name you are getting a .edu backlinks for.


I Will be using my website blog @ in getting. Edu backlink on this guide, so the best matching email address for it should be my Gmail address or best my domain name email address which is all related to my website name. e.g [email protected] or [email protected] both email addresses are ok.

So on your end, plan to get a matching email address for this assignment I hope we are on the same page here. ok let proceed on detailing how to get quality backlinks for free right on this article

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3: A Brief Description of your website

Whether you are getting .edu backlinks or your are getting mention and citation, a brief description about your website project, products and services are too important for better indexing of your links, so you must find time to write a short but not more than 160 character words of description about your website.

4: Any Published Article or eBook of Yours.

Yes in other to completely register and optimise your profile on the. Edu website in exchange for backlinks to your website. you will need to upload any of your published work or ebook in pdf or duc format.

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5:.Edu Website With DA 98 or More

Finally on how to get quality backlinks for free. you will need. Edu website extensions, e.g Academia

Academia is not just an academia website with. Edu extension, it also a quality website with Domain Name Authority of 98


Where anyone can come and register his or her account and upload and share his or her previous or ongoing projects, article or research work for the entire world to see and read.

People can easily follow your work as well you can choose to follow back on people profile, project and research work

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