How To Grow Your Business Online Using Classified Ads

How To Grow Your Business Online Using Classified Ads

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Is another beautiful day and today I want to walk you on how To Grow Your Business Online Using Classified Ads for 100% Free

How To Grow Your Business Online Using Classified Ads, NairaLEARN

But before we do that for the benefits of those who do not understand what we mean by classified ads, also known as deals listing, let me take a quick dive to define what classified ads listing mean


What Are Classified Ads

Classified advertising is a form of advertising, particularly common in newspapers, television and radio stations, and other periodicals, which may be sold or distributed free of charge.

Classified advertisements are much cheaper back than, which are mostly display advertisements used by businesses, although display advertising is more widespread. back then classified ads are mostly seen in print Newspaper, Magazine, Television and Radio station etc


But with the advent of the internet and increase innovative technology. Classified ads listing has quickly moved from print Newspapers, Magazine, Television, and Radio stations to classified websites and mobile apps, of which our today topic (How To Grow Your Business Online Using Classified Ads) is focusing

First: know that success is all about working, taking action, so plan to take action after discovering what am about to share with you here, PLEASE Take Action and start using classified Ads to grow your business, is for your own good


So without wasting any of your time, let go to the point

To use classified ads to grow your business, you will need to sign up with any of the classified ads listing websites, such as Jiji, olist , deals.jumia and Deals.AfriNOTES.


Yes AfriNOTES has a Classified Deals portal for buyers and sellers, where for example, you can sign up for classified ads listing sellers account and start listing your business products or service giving buyers all over the world the opportunity to view your ads and if need be will get in touch with you through your phone number, email or in the build chat section

AfriNOTES, Buy and Sell

To get started. you will need to visit and click on Buy & Sell menu item, from there you will be directed to the AfriNOTES Classified Deals section. See Picture below

AfriNOTES Classified

Once you are on the AfriNOTES Classified Deals Portal, next is for you to create a seller account, that is if you aim to sell your business products or services. Then you have to quickly click register in other to create your free account.. see screenshot below

Register on afrinotes classified

Then next: is for you to fill in the boxes and click on the register button once more, by so doing, you have successfully created your seller account. SEE Screenshot below

Sign up for free classified account

Next is for you to start listing your business product or service live on AfriNOTES Classified deals section for 100% FREE.


Yes after you have successfully created your seller account, you can now start listing your business products and services live on AfriNOTES Classified Deals Portal. Just locate the Post Free Ads, Menu Item and click on it. SEE Picture below

Post Free Ads

Below are the boxes sections you will have to fill in your classified ads deals business products or services listing details.. See Screenshot Below

Post An Ads

After you most have entered your classified ads listing details, next is to click on Post An Ads button and you are good to go

Post An Ad, FREE

The admin of the AfriNOTES Classified Deals Portal will receive your ads listing. they will review your ads before approving it, once your Ads is reviewed and approved. your ads listing will be live, you will also receive an email notification, letting you know that your ads listing has been approved. Next is Promoting your Ads


To continue On How To Promote Your Classified Ads Online: COMING SOON 


For now, proceed to and create your free Classified Deals Listing Account and list any of your business product or service


Also watch this video for more understanding

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