How To Make Over $500 Profits With Affiliate Marketing

Here Is How To Make Over $500 Profits With Affiliate Marketing

Irrespective of where you are reading this from around the world, you can make over $500 profits with affiliate marketing even if you are just starting a career on an affiliate program or core internet marketing


To leverage this method, please kindly pay attention to all that I’m about to say here and watch the short video attached to this post


Also don’t just read this for reading and learning’s sake, after reading THIS and Watching the short video, please take action and put every bit of information you have grabbed here into action


With just 10% of the action you will put into practice, you will thank goodies for learning this method today

These tips will work for you whether you are promoting local affiliate products where you earn in your country’s local currency or you are promoting global affiliate products where you earn in foreign currencies


This is one metric to make money and keep making more profits from affiliate programs, which you can also combine with other methods and keep winning BIG

How To Make Over $500 Profits With Affiliate Marketing

You see, these methods are more of paid ads boosting, yes to make money on affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to get rid of is the freebies mentality, such a mindset can slow down your earnings


So to make money and keep making more money from affiliate marketing, always have good budgets for paid ad boosting, sorry to say this method does not work so well with free traffic. As you will need working paid traffic to earn big


Affiliate programs are just like every other business, you have to have the capital to invest in paid ads, and boost your links or landing page before you can talk of making sales, then comes profits


Your capital here should be more focused on leveraging paid working ads. You need to understand the type of paid ads that are working today based on the niche market your products or services are targeting


You need to know where to invest your hard-earned money and drive high buyer traffics to those products or services you are promoting as an affiliate


I have done affiliate marketing undercover for years, back when my country home ”Nigeria” was on pitfall, I have no choice back then but to start my affiliate marketing career uncover


Uncover here simply means, I did not use my real name, photos, or nationality, I have no choice then as most of these affiliate programs are fund of rejecting people from my said country, so I have no choice then but to go uncover and everything went all well. I thank God for those days


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So let me tell you how to make $500 as a starter with affiliate marketing for sure with a 100% guarantee, this method works for real.


You Step One

You need a high payout offer, products or service that pays from $100 to $1000, going for a high-paid program is important because it is easier to get profits when compared to low offers


For example, you can spend up to $100 or more on paid ads, boosting your affiliate link, so when two or more people buy from your link, you have already made high earn profits


Let’s say this method is simply how you can spend more money on paid ads boosting and promoting your affiliate link just to make a high conversion. Hope you get the point


If you don’t, now listen again: Let’s say you spent $150 and made 5 conversions for a single sell profit of $120, when you multiply $120 by 4, that should be about $480 profits you have made


Then remove the budget you used in promoting the affiliate link, there you have your core profits. You can always scale up these budgets and keep earning


Scale Up Your Ads Budget And Keep Earning

When you get your paid ads listing right, you will get a high conversion, provided you are promoting high ticked, when this happens


It becomes simple basic math that if you spent more, let’s say, if you spend $1000 on paid ads, promoting your affiliate links you stand a better chance of getting high profits


Now The Question Is. What Are The Working Paid Ads

There are few working paid ads these days, you can use to increase your affiliate marketing or internet marketing in general, among such methods are as follows


1: Cold Email Marketing, 

2: Solo Ads promotions and others

There are other working methods, and in the coming days, I will reveal them to you, about additional 3 sure working paid ads you can leverage to scale up your affiliate earnings. (You will be more than glad to know and start leveraging this method) So don’t forget to check on tomorrow as the post will be live by then


These methods can work like charm for both affiliate marketing offers, and core internet marketing, we have used them for years, and we are still using them to date. Not just us, many top board affiliate earners are using it to date

So let’s keep going

Understanding That Using Money To Make Money Is Part Of Making Money Work For Your Affiliate career

This remains a top secret to making paid advertising work for your affiliate programs. Hope you are getting the point, so let’s keep going


Here are More Tips: More other steps to make affiliate marketing work for you, while you make more money and keep smiling to the banks.


Now let’s say you find an offer on Clickbank, JVZoo, or any affiliate program of your choice, including a local affiliate program in your country. Thank goodies Nigeria now has a lot of affiliate program that pays in Naira


So let’s say, you choose one program, then sign up for it, and have gotten products to promote, with your special affiliate link, next is to come up with a good promotional paid ads budget and boost your affiliate link


Remember: you should go for high-earn affiliate products or services, let’s say you find a product that pays around $100 for XYZ product or service, now you will need a landing page to presell and warm up your link


You also need to warm up the traffic so they know that they are gonna watch a video, cost video and video ads may be necessary for your offer depending on the niche


If you are sending direct linking to the offer, without first directing traffic to your landing page it will possibly not work, the user will think “it’s trash and many will just click away” so a landing page is a must: 


HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS: We Have Covered Extensively How To Create Landing Page For Affiliate Promotion on all of our Cold Marketing Series, Cold Email MarketingCold Whatsapp Marketing


In the absence of a landing page, if you have a blog. you can create a selling post and add your affiliate link as a Call To Action on the blog post (Hope you got the point) let’s keep going


Though when testing this offer it is important to have multiple landing pages or blog post with targeted keywords, then test run the pages or posts and see which one work best because everyone reacts differently to certain things. 


Just test-run multiple landing pages or blog posts and see which one is working best for you. Then you can focus on driving more traffics to that page or post


When you have gotten a working landing page or post, proceed to and sign up for free, with you can track your links events monthly. Track and know which Ads are bringing your more profits and reinvest on


For Example, If Cold Email Marketing or Solo Ads brings you more traffic, sales, and profits, then you need to budget more money on the ads that are working. This is why this method is called (Working Paids Ads)


Always put your Click URL on the buttons to track the clicks on your landing pages, you will like a high CTR landing page + high converting: When you sign up to Bembod, don’t forget to read their guideline.


This method works like charm and can also work for a non-affiliate program, let’s say you have products or services, you can also use this method to scale up your sales and make more profits


You can also use Cold Marketing Series, and join our Cold Email Marketing CourseTo join just save my Whatsapp number +2348068608490 and WhatsApp me to be added to my private class


You can learn MasterCraft to start affiliate marketing, scale up affiliate marketing, and more importantly grow your affiliate earning system. I will teach you all these on One on One


This method is one sure way to get started earning high on any affiliate program, as well as growing your online business. be it local or global affiliate marketing or online business model, this method does work like crazy

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See below my earnings in one of my affiliate marketing programs, the earnings are not bad when you exchange dollars in my local currency Naira. while this is small, it can be scaled up in weeks to come, I thank God

500 dollar earned in day

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This is today with a Clickbank offer with Native Ads, profit is $200 and now watch the below video ( video coming soon)


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