Reno Omokri Tell Nigerians To Choose Skillset Over Some University Degree

In recent times Reno Omokri has been the opposite of what most Nigerians that once loved and followed him used to be, as his choice path to politic and attack on Peter Obi the labour party presidential candidate announce some of his followers (fan) base 


This constant social media virtual attack on Peter Obi has made him an enemy of the Obedient movement across the social media platform not until he visited Nigeria his home country last week and has recently improved on his #RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu post series


In one of his recent social media post share, where he wrote an interesting article telling Nigerians to choose skillset over some University degree


Read below, what he wrote as Sourced from his supposed Facebook page Reno Around The World


Instead of spending four years reading a course like sociology, philosophy, anthropology, political science, library science, and so on at Nigeria university


Just go and learn a high-income skill like nursing, cloud computing, blockchain engineering, artificial intelligence, web design, coding, programming, ethical hacking, and analytics, for between six and eighteen months. 


You will earn more in a lifetime than most university graduate holders do. In recent times, the world has changed. 


Many university courses have expired or let’s say outdated. They belong in a museum. Maybe a few people can read them to preserve some knowledge. 


But when you have hundreds of thousands studying them at the degree level, they will never find real-life applicable jobs for those degree holders. 


And they and their courses end up being a drain on society. Get a skill set today instead of a semi-useless degree


And stop looking for loopholes. Those courses are dead, outdated, and gone. They are like aerial cameramen. You cannot streamline an aerial camera person to compete with a drone camera. Accept reality, make better educational choices, and stop putting good money behind lost causes. Truth is bitter but better! but someone like me Reno Omokri has to say it


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