Smart Ways To Leverage Online Marketing

These are smart ways to leverage online marketing to keep building your business, and scaling up your profits always. The first start with one system, one method from all marketing methods mentioned in this post. Start with just one, then learn it, practice it, and make it profitable before adding another method

Yes when it comes to growing a business online, if you are new, for example. You have a newly built and optimize website. I too advise you to start creating high-quality content with just basic SEO optimization you are good to go


Add normal interlinking and please don’t worry about building backlinks for now, just do simple basic SEO optimization, and focus on creating high-quality and engaging content


Then after about 6 months, you can now start with off-page SEO, doing everything about backlinks but focusing on getting high-quality backlinks only, not just anyhow backlinks


You can support it by getting mentioned, directory and classified listing, guest blogging, and much more. 


When you have made some success in this area of marketing, promoting your business consistently. You can then move to the next system of active marketing. It can be Social media marketing, I mean the core Social media marketing starting with any of the social media platforms of your choice. e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok


When starting on each of these platforms, be active and consistent in your social media marketing, please don’t rush in starting across all the social media platforms, rather start with the ones you are much more familiar with


When that is successful you can add another, and another when you have every other social media platform marketing and promoting your business consistently. Then try to do this repeatedly across other systems of marketing such as Mobile SMS Marketing. e.g Bulk SMSShortCodeWhatsappTelegram,  Google Adwords, Ads Network, Affiliate, Influencers, etc


It’s sad to say, when it comes to Mobile SMS Marketing, Bulk SMS and Shortcode marketing are not active and engaging the way there used to be back in the day, now WhatsApp and Telegram are more active and engaging. 


So I advise you to start with these two (Whatsapp and Telegram) and then proceed with adding Bulk SMS and Shortcode to it when enough budget for marketing


On Whatsapp marketing I recommend you get our Whatsapp Mass Sender application is one of the cheapest Whatsapp mass sender apps you can get for just one-time payment and use for 3 years. 


Promoting your business to active WhatsApp numbers, with the application. You can also filter numbers that are not on Whatsapp to numbers that are active on WhatsApp and use the app to market your business products or services to only actual active WhatsApp numbers.


While you use Bulk SMS to market your business products or services to none active WhatsApp numbers, by so doing. I assure you of great returns on your investment. These are power secrets to effective marketing am revealing. So don’t just read this without taking action


Read and take action applying some of this system of marketing, promoting your business consistently, and seeing how the returns in investment will be in just 31 days of active practicing. I bet you will thank Goodies for this. Also, get access to the over 172 countries’ leads database


Marketing your business products and services to active leads database is another great way to build active users, engaging members from any targeted country, is one faster way to convert cold users to warn and active users and then upscale them by selling others of your products or services


And here Nairalearn offers Leads Databases at a free giveaway price just to support you in growing your business, knowing how expensive Paid ads are these days. Its smart marketing starting on with leads


You can use leads to build your business, make some income, and profit and budget a good amount of money before going into paid ads which I considered mandatory in today’s online business


Yes is now mandatory to leverage paid ads across other platforms in promoting your business these days, due to the rule and algorithms of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


If you choose to stay on free promotion am so sorry to tell you there are but few results you will get from these platform cos of their algorithm. So you have to leverage paid ads to get the visibilities you need across most of these platforms and that calls for you to have good budgets on paid ads


Remember while starting, please don’t rush in leveraging multiple mediums of marketing, just start with one medium. Make such profitable before adding another, this is the smartest way to leverage online marketing lately


Believe me, when you do a few of these things I have listed here, you are sure of making great progress in growing your business into profitability. Check out Nairalearn Course and Blog section here for more


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