When Competition On The Internet Is High DO THIS

It never occur to me that there are a lot of people afraid of leveraging the internet possibilities because the competition on the internet is so high, to them the internet online business is oversaturated and not good for them


So there are afraid of competing or afraid they can’t catch up, while some think there is no room for them, others think the best option for them is to back off from anything called the online business


I never imagine that such people exist not until I was contacted by a few of them which prompted me to write this post “When Competition On The Internet Is High DO THIS” as well as the short video


NOTE: The Internet is for everyone, for you and me, for those above 16 years of age. Happy to say we are still in the age of the Internet, the mobile age. The era of tech possibilities and you reading this should be leveraging the Internet possibilities, not being afraid of the online competition


Its easier to let the fear go and start leveraging the internet, as you don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, you also do not need to own a personal website, should you are scared of the cost of owning, building, and growing a website in today’s technology


You can start with what is already existing and for a website, you can use other people’s website platforms, such as social media, media pages, youtube channels, forum platforms, google my business profile, or even WhatsApp channel as well Telegram.


You can literally start with any of such platforms. the question now is what do you intend to offer to the online community in exchange for their hard-earned money? and how do you plan to take your business online


When Competition On The Internet Is High DO THIS

There are hundreds to thousands of things to do online, hundreds of thousands of business products or services to start offering online and make more money, not just things to do, that your offline business can be brought online, giving you more rooms to sell 10x more to more audience


So instead of being afraid of the internet, the question you should be asking is simple. How Do I Take My Business Online? this is a good question to get started with letting the fear go


These Are Free Steps To Take Your Busines Online

You can always start by converting your social media usage to business, yes if you have been accessing the internet for fun, using social media platforms for fun. This is the right time you reinvent the wheel and convert your internet participation to business


This start with you creating Facebook Business pages or best creating a personal individual Facebook page and restructuring it with your business profiles


Depending on the type of business or services you are offering, you may also need to create a Youtube channel, as well Google my business profile page


Then dedicate your mobile number to a business contact number, set up a Whatsapp channel, or a telegram channel with just that single number, and start posting educational and promotional information about your business, products, or services


Post across all the social media platforms you belong to, post on your WhatsApp status, and don’t be shy of your friend, don’t be shy about what people will say, about your coursemate, never be shy


If your friend will make you shy, kindly unfriend them across your social media pages, channel as well block them on your WhatsApp and start building business mended friend, and customers base in your mobile contacts list


When It Comes To High Competition On The Internet, Stop Being Afraid As The Competition Is Healthy For The Online Business Niches


Yes you do not need to be afraid cos the internet as I said early has space for everyone, what matters is your ability to start somewhere and scale up


You can start with the free internet marketing method, and later upgrade to leveraging paid methods, getting some necessary internet marketing toolkits you need to advance your promotions, leveraging paid ads


Get Access To Download: Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email Database


You can outsmart Facebook ads marketing and Whatsapp Marketing, you can also start promoting your business online via Whatsapp leveraging the Whatsapp Mass Sender application as well as the Nigeria Leads database


There are ever rooms and easy spots to start your effective internet business, promoting your business rather than being afraid of competition and shying away from participating in the online business community


Again it’s important you know, most of the competition or people making it big across the inter all started from somewhere


So let the ill mentality and fear of the competition go off your mind, and plan this day to take your business online and start leveraging internet possibility, also remember to Join the Internet Marketing Forum and check out the Nairalearn course, read more blog posts and stay tuned


P:S Short Video To This Post “When Competition On The Internet Is High DO THIS” is coming soon, please check back to this page in a few hours from now. Cheers


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June 27, 2023


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