5 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 30k Naira

5 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 30k Naira

The saying, starting is the most difficult also applies to these 5 businesses you can start with less than 30k naira, with the power of starting small

These businesses may require less than 30 thousand Naira to start but can grow into millions of capital in a few months or a year

It is no more news that the Nigerian economy is not friendly at the moment and this has invariably pushed so many people to either get a side business alongside their job or double their hustle

In fact, Nigeria as a country has more people with the self-employed occupation when compared to other professional occupations

5 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 30k Naira

Nigerians are hard-working people, the majority work smart to double their earnings, they call it to hustle. Hustle in this context means to either expand their current business or get more streams of income.

So many graduates are out there, struggling with life, looking for their daily bread. 

It is not business as usual; things have changed and sadly, it is for the worst. The times are trying, the economy is biting, the people are hungry and angry in this part of the world

Things have gotten so bad that graduates now accept jobs of as low as N15,000 as salary at best, limiting their potentials, and begging to survive, using social media and other means, at worst. 

Others complain about the difficulty to raise capital for a business. It is not that they have never had the seed capital before; it is because they do not have any business idea in mind or that their priority is misplaced.

Very well, we will be discussing little businesses that you could begin with as low as N30,000. with the titled kit ‘5 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than 30k Naira’ so starting with the famous recharge card business


1: Recharge Card Business:

People underrate the selling of recharge cards because they probably think that the suffering is not leveled with the gains, which is not true. 

You might not know how good a business is until you try it, it is okay if you fail; it’s part of the growth process. Now, with as low as 30k, you could become a recharge card vendor, selling in retails. 

The gains on each card are roughly N20 or N30, and when you multiply that with the number of cards you have sold for the day, you know the math. Not to mention sales of the next day, and then in 1 month. It is surely a good means of income.

The good news about recharge card business, that is a fast-selling business, no matter the quantities of recharge card you have, you are sure of fast selling it out in less than a day or week, Nigerians love recharging their mobile phones sim card to keep the call time active and data available


2: Mobile Charging Spot:

With poor electricity supplies across Nigeria, the mobile phone charging spot is a hot-selling business which one can start with less than 30k naira

Yes with 30k or less, you could establish a phone charging spot or shop. You are sure to make a lot of profit running this business, given the epileptic power supply and the need for people to get their devices charged.


All you would need is a small mobile shop, and a used small generator popularly known as I pass my neighbor which should not cost much because it doesn’t have to be a new one. Lastly, a socket board with many charging spots. 

With these in place, you are set for business. It does not matter if you start small, with time, you would understand the business and better know how to coordinate yourself. 

However, you would have to be a very honest and accountable person to be able to gain the trust of your customers in this business niche


3: Tomato Reselling Business:

The reality most African failed to face is the Agro is life, if China wins the world economy with tech and electronic devices, Africa nations are capable of winning the world economy with agricultural products

You see, anytime farming is mentioned, many youths seem to run away from it as far as they can because to them, it denotes suffering and dirtiness, but in contrast, it is not. 

You need to understand that every job has its challenges and struggles, besides, there are not many jobs out there anymore and the sooner you realize this and find a way to survive via small businesses, the better for you.

Tomato reselling is an option to consider when thinking of starting a small business. You have no idea how much profit you can make reselling tomatoes.


Tomatoes are largely cultivated in the northern part of the country and are in high demand in the southern part of Nigeria. 

If you can come in between the producers and the consumers, you’d rake in a lot of profit. This could be done by connecting with someone in the north, have them buy baskets of fresh tomatoes, and send them down to you through logistic means which you’d most likely pay for.

By the time you are done selling that batch, you could reinvest the capital and the profit to rake in higher profit. With diligence and discipline, you are bound to make headway with your newly found business.


4: Cakes and Small Chops:

This business can be done by both sexes. Do you have baking skills? Can you make cakes or pastries? 

Then you have a business already; all you have to do now is to swing into action by getting the necessary equipment you would need in the course of this business

As time goes on, with diligence and determination you would become known, and before long, your business would boom.


5: Ice Block Production:

With the humid Nigerian climate, ice block production might just be what you need to start doing to rake in as much profit as possible. 

You would wonder why soft drinks and sachet water are in high demand during the dry season, not just in the dry season, this business is also hot in demand during the rainy season as more Nigerians are fund of drinking cold water and soft drinks without minding the weather

Even when people do not intend to buy cold drinks, because of thirst and the scorching sun, they would consider it, but how do all these come into place when no one is producing ice blocks to keep the drinks cold? 

That is where you come in. You might not be able to afford a refrigerator in the beginning but you could tie clean water is a neighbor’s fridge, or go to cold room owners and discuss with them to use their refrigerator at a rate.


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What matters is the business is not the stipend you would be getting, it is that the business moves quickly; as soon as you make the ice blocks ready

There’s always someone ready to buy them, you can move closer to roadside soft drinks sellers and you’d stand a chance to get more customers quicker.

As a graduate, you might want to toss your certificates somewhere and get to work from the point where you are. 

The days when certificates could land you a job are over, things have changed and the odds are not in your favor, so it is either you move with the flow of things or be left behind. 

When your little business picks up and you begin to make lots of profit, you could save up some funds to learn a trade or a skill and think of a way to monetize it.

These are our 5 Business You Can Start With Less Than 30k Naira, remember, most big businesses you see, hear these days, possible started as a small business, small startup but today they have to outgrow


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