6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business

6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business

You see online business has come to stay, that thousands to millions of people like you and I are today making a living from the internet, with millions of how to make money online coming up daily around the internet community


One thing about the internet is that it does not care which country you are coming from, as all nations are legible to make money online, provided there is an Internet network in your respective country, so today we are to talk on ‘‘6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business” so pay attention

6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business

First starting an online business is just like starting the normal traditional form of business, though it becomes easier for you if you already have an official offline business 


So to start an online version of such a business, all you need do now is to take your offline business online by having what we call an online presence of your business and still retain both systems of business. The offline and online


NOTES: If you are an employee, student, or even have other business, you do not need to quit any of your business, work, or studies for your online business


Online business is flexible, you can do virtually 99% of online business from anywhere at any time, all you need is a connection to the internet, your smart mobile phone, or Computer system


Please for repetition sake, you do not need to quit your existing business, work, or study in other to venture into an online business at least you don’t for a start


Starting or leveraging the online world is one of the best things that anyone can do for themselves, this makes me keep telling people, that in an era like this


In the internet innovative era if your business is not online then you are indeed running out from business, the feature of the business is online, even if your business involves farming, you still need it to be on the internet


Another: reality is that when online business is mentioned a lot of people kind being more fearful hearing the world Online, to them, they are always afraid of anything done online, more afraid when it involves money


You can’t blame these people, if you fall within the category of this mint, you are not to blame, but learn to see the versatile benefits of having an online business in today world


While some are afraid of the word entrepreneur to think for things like I don’t have enough time to go into an online business, some believe they don’t have the startup money or best money to venture into online business while many say they don’t have the know-how skill to be in an online business


The truth is people will always be people, and when you mention Online business many people have their reasons to say no, while formal me use to try to talk to these types of people to see reasons, why they should drop such fear and face the reality for the fact that the future of business is now online, has given them much reason to venture into online business


But today I don’t give them much time again, once someone walks up to me and says, Mr. Mbonu Watson, you see the reason I just don’t fancy this online business of things is reason XYZ, 

My dear. I normally these days tell them. Well just leave the online business sphere for those who are kind-hearted to it. LOL, I know my replies are not the best. But that is it

So also to you reading this ‘6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business’ you making up your mind to go into online business will directly benefit you


So the prime gainer here is you, so don’t expect others to stress themselves trying to push you to do the right thing, just follow your instinct and every other thing will be fine


Follow your instinct, if an online business is your thing then get involved, if an online business is not your thing, that is cool, there are still thousands to millions of creative high paying offline businesses you can go into


There are these certain advantages an online business will give you when compare to the offline business, am not saying that offline business is not cool, if you remember I said


Please don’t quit (stop) your offline business work or studies for an online business, at least not for a start, don’t jump off the startup cliff, so here go our ‘6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business’ starting with, you have an ideation


1: Have an Idea

Yes ideations are the key but not everything, when you have an idea but LACK ACTIONS, such an idea no matter how beautiful and great it is will surely becomes nothing, so have an idea and match it with action for action is everything

Yes having an idea is a place to start, your idea may not be clear at first, come to talk of it Facebook was not clear at first to Mark, but he was able to put his idea into action

Have an Idea

His main idea at first was to create a social forum for his course mate back then in the college, but check out what he now has, The Facebook and have also been able to buy up other people ideas and inventory such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other extensions that makes Facebook great today


What am saying is simple, when you have an idea, don’t wait for perfection to start, find a way and start, even if it means you starting poorly, that is not a cause for worry

What matters is after you have started, are you progressing, that is what matters, so while putting your ideas into action make room to always check your progress


Take off things that do not bring in good results, and work more on things that bring on good results. hope the ‘6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business’ tips one being IDEATION is well understood? so let proceed


2: Take Action

I don’t know if you have ever remembered things you never did and the time comes, maybe months later, or even years later you find yourself regretting not taking action on such

For example. When I was in school during my first degree IN THE University, I have the idea to develop an eCom just like Jumia


First, I have the knowledge, the programming skill to develop the ecom web and mobile app then, I have marketing skills, but I don’t have the needed finance to run a nationwide ecom project like Jumia.


Back them eCom Jumia, Konga has not taken over the market, in fact, we are even the first people that grow Jumia to what it is today, with our importation business course and internet marketing skill we were working for Jumia directly

So back to my story, then to start an ecom, you need to define your box offices, at least you will need to have offices in all the geo-Political zoon in Nigeria

You need to employ people to handle the affairs of these offices, you need delivery men or women, so you need bikes, etc. that was how it was so hard then not as easier it’s today 


As having a boss office and employing your company delivery system is no longer mandatory, you can use other people’s courier service and even box office today, but that was what keep me off from starting back then

Of cause, business ideas fade off if you fail to act, with time it failed off, and today each time I remember such I felt bad, but in all I still thank God

So you see, taking action is so important, action is what determines if your idea will have a successful result or a fail, but in case of a fail, there is always room to get up and try again


3: Have a business plan

I know you have come across the saying, if you fail to plan you have already plan to fail, that is it, you must plan, you must put your idea into plans, you action into execution with effective steps on things to do and things no to do 


So people believe that planning of business is for some few, not applicable into them, there also have this saying that planning for business is an outdated myth no longer needed


You see, the truth I tell you, having a business plan still work, still as important as you go into the high institution with a clear view of what you plan to achieve in four or five years of studies

Putting them down and working in line with your school lay down curriculums from your year one to your final years to achieve this common goal

So is needed, that you have a business plan from week one to months and even yearly plans, have a target where you will love to see your online business in the next two to five years


You most not necessary put up all the plans by yourself, if you have the money to hire others to do the planning for you, then be glad to make such a move

Hire Business consultantsAngel investors, and online business experts to attribute to your business by adding their professionalism


I can tell you for free that it is not and will never be a waste of time and investment on your part, as you will have one or two things more clearly understood, moreover you stand a better chance of learning new things


You must appreciate every business person, be it online or offline with years of experience, most importantly in your business field, that if you can, will also advise you consult them for advice

Having a business plan also opens up to you knowing your place to start, even if it means starting small, with time you have a clear view of what to add to your business and what to remove or best change, adjust if need be


4: Know your target market

Knowing your target market is the same as understanding your online business niche, have a clear idea of who your customers are, the things they love, where they hang out online such as the website they mostly spend time on, their network, and many others

Know your target market

The most important thing to every online business is having profits because when you fail on having profit your online business will easily fail out of business

And to have profit, you must define your market audience, you must take your online business product or service to where they are, you should be promoting to them, then engaging with them which will lead to sales and profits


value system is another, you need to go for people who need the value you are providing, your business should define its value system

Understand it and take it product or service to those that need such values, by so doing you will have a lot of people buying from you, patronizing your services as well. 


You need to know your potential customers and invest more of your time in them, these can be people who can not do without the value your business is providing, the service you are offering. hope you get it and this is just the number 4 of the 6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business, so let keep going


5: Network with others

Build a network around your business, learn to partner with others which will enable more growth to your online business, avoid the business of one ma squad, and don’t ever think you can make all things on your own. you indeed need the input of others


Networking is very very very important for all business fast growth, Everyone needs a little help from time to time, being smart about partners is one of the most consistent traits of successful business people


You must be smart to identify personality treat you will need to get involved in your business and network members, partners, employee, or hire freelancers. this tip skill set is very much important for all online business startup success

Lastly on our list today, the 6 Things You Need To START Professional Online Business is


6: Have An Online Presence

Yes having your business online begins with you having an online presence, though having an online presence begins with you having your website, in today technologies

A lot is involved in managing and growing websites that we have outgrown our ideation when it comes to advising people on getting a website for startup business of theirs

Have An Online Presence

As in today is no longer mandatory that you should have your own self hosted website, but you can have your business listed on other websites like Business DIRECTORYClassifiedSocial media sites like FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInTikTok, and other social media website of your choice


You can as well list your website on Afrinotes Business DirectoryAfrica classified and held to social media and create social media channels including Youtube channel for your online business


You too need to learn smart marketing which begins with you have access to Download Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email Database


Also, get the WhatsApp Bulk Sender App, WhatsApp Marketing Course which enables you to send thousands of WhatsApp messages promoting your business online across WhatsApp users and many more


You will need to visit our NairaLEARN eCourse section to learn more about a host of courses that can help you in starting your own online business. Remember action is everything. stay happy for reading


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