Full List Of PVC Collection Centres (INEC) Published

Here Is The Full List OF PVC Collection Centres (INEC) Published, Please Find Your Centre (Ward Center) and Go and Collect Your PVC


Make sure you participate On The 2023 Nigeria General Election and be conscientious in voting for the right people, for After God’s powers come the Government Power which is determined by the type of people we collectively vote to lead us


Nigeria is a great country with great people, rich and blessed by God and now is the right time for we all Nigerians to get our leadership mandate right. GET YOUR PVC and vote rightfully. Vote for the future of our Children, as we owned them a better tomorrow


Make it your birthright to collect your PVC and vote for the right candidate, who cares more about the people, the innocent masses, and the future of our dear Nigeria children should be far better than what most of us are experiencing today


With less than 50 days to the Nigeria general election 2023, find below the full list of PVC Collection Centres For Ward Level Collection as Published By INEC


The list is in PDF format and can be accessed online, can also be download, and shared with family members, neighbors, and all eligible voters in Nigeria and encourage people around you to go get their PVC.


The list contains the names and locations of the Registration Areas (or Wards) for the collection of permanent Voters’ Cards known as (PVCs) covering the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) Nigeria

As I said early the list is in PDF format, is accessible on mobile phones, desktop computers, or any smart devices. IT CAN ALSO BE Downloaded, shared. It comes in PDF, With upto 322 pages and contained the names of the collection centers,

Sourced from INEC Nigeria Twitter handler @incenigeria: INEC Nigeria PVC Collection centers for ward level

You can also use this link List Of PVC Collection Center to download the PDF file and proceed to your ward center, get your PVC, encourage others to go and get theirs.



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