Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria

Discover Best How To Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria

Sometime when you think of the happenings in Nigeria Education System, Both The Government and Private Owned Universities; You may end up having a second thought, that leaving Nigeria Educational system is the best option


Knowing too well that Scholarships are healthy for beneficiaries and can save you with some extra money for getting a quality education.


There are essential things you need to know in other to earn yourself one of the numerous scholarships available for Nigerians

Obtaining a degree abroad is way too ideal considering the perks associated with it. But then you could pay through your nose funding it to fruition.

To Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria can be a tremendous blessing to one’s life, as it saves you thousands of dollars

Who no like better thing, Nigerians will always quote; nevertheless, there are those who won’t burst an artery over it or give a hoot if scholarship schemes exist judging by their degree of affluence and financial splendor.

If you fall into that category, you might not need this guide’ Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria’, but you can share with someone who is in need of it.

Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria is for those who despite living on a tight deficient budget, still desire a quality education abroad.

These want to fling the doors of the society open for themselves with great job opportunities in both local and international market


>Things You Need to Know About Scholarship to Study Abroad

Scholarship comes in different kinds likewise the criteria for eligibility. For clarity sake, I’ve split them into four subsets which are listed below.

>>The Scholarship Based On Merit

Some scholarship is given base on merit, Here the list or elite students get scholarship strictly by merits. This type of scholarships is not open to everybody

It’s entirely exclusive to those who were able to cross the benchmark qualifications regarding their educational backgrounds.

For instance, the first class graduates who were outstanding in their various career disciplines. This scholarship is awarded as part of their rewards for a stellar academic performance.

They are 90% type of scholarships offered around the world, so beneficially can further their studies at the post-graduate level, most times by their universities, their incumbent government, or even the foreign universities who are attracted to excellence

So to be a benefit of scholarship by merit, you have to study hard during your first degree and strive to come out with excellent results, if possible go for first class Result


>The Educational Benevolence Scholarship

In our various states, local councils and constituencies there are legislators, God sent philanthropist and men endowed with wealth who have initiated their scholarship schemes to send outstanding students abroad to study at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

All you need do is to inquire from your state, local government and constituencies legislative board if there is Scholarship scheme meant for your people, you can also surf the web.

>>The Government Grants/Scholarships

These are scholarship schemes that are up for competition. In this case, a level playing field is created for all who have gotten specified requirements to slug it out,

And the winners who are undoubtedly the smartest are granted the scholarship opportunities. Rivers State Government Once Practice The Government Grants Scholarships and Lot Of Rivers State Youth where beneficiated

Due the mode of selection into this type of Scholarship is by the survival of the fittest. Sometime politic is also involved to suit issue of man know man practice in Nigeria

There are Still Some States in Nigeria that offers this opportunity so if your state is one of them; you can read your brains, yes you have to prepare in other to be among the smartest.


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>>The Conditional Scholarships

Here are scholarships that are limited to applicants from a particular region, nation or field of discipline. It can also signify narrowed to scholars with a specific CPGA, age bracket or gender.

The conditional clause there is that, you must come from a particular region, nation, choose to study a particular course, have a stipulated CPGA, be of a designated age limit and finally a gender specification before you can apply.

Now that we’ve established a background about the nature of scholarships let’s delve further into how you can get one for yourself.

Constant Research
You can get a scholarship by researching for available scholarship scheme around the world. Yes, You can. This is one fact some people are not aware of.

So Now that you are fully aware that you can gain scholarship by constant research.. it all zero down to the type of scholarship, all scholarship has a requirement as well with pitfall, so you need to find out if your nationality ( Country ) is listed as before applying.

With a detailed search on the net, you can Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria; you won’t like spending countless time on the net searching scholarship in areas where you are excluded from. Do your research in areas that have you and your needs in their Scholarship scheme of application.

Also, take note of their requirements like your transcripts and recommendation letters which are always needed. I could do a wager on that. And lastly, on this, don’t just find one scholarship plan that fits you outright and call it a day. No! You need to explore the plethora of options in the sky and take the next step below.


Put Yourself Into The System
By applying, you’ve put yourself into their system. If your research was well conducted, you’re fixing yourself into consideration.

And same with the research, you don’t just lay your eggs in one basket of uncertainty, apply to as many as you can. Yea right, it could be heinous, but take a glimpse at the reward afterward. It’s rewarding

One tip for applying is by tendering those applications in the fall (September To End Of November) are classified as an ideal time for those applying for Canadian and US scholarships.

Conventionally, applying on time is the best way to go about it. that is why I always said research on latest scholarship on the net is the best way to Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria


>>Make Your Application Essay Do The Trick

Typical of most international scholarship/grants aid to students is the application essay. If it were well constructed and scribbled with impeccable diction, it just might be the Turbo jet drive to getting you that financial aid.

The application essay gives you the ample space to sell yourself, of course, you don’t sell your flaws and weakness, your strength, so make yourself stands out?

>>Plan Ahead
some people gain scholarship but at the end lose the opportunity given to them, so it’s more vital that you plan ahead


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>>>Ask Your Self Questions, Such As…
What can you do to leverage the scholarship if given?
What are your strengths?
Why should they offer you the Scholarship?

Market the best you-in-you, seal off every presumed loosed end on your intellectual makeup and remain positive of the aftermath.


>>Things To Getting Ready To Scholarship Grant

Get a Fine Recommendation Letter

This is also an integral part of the process that you shouldn’t treat with kid gloves. Eminent scholars and professors high up the academia are your best shot at this.


To further edge you up, an alumnus of a foreign university drafting that recommendation letter is viable. Just make sure the rapport has been supplied with energy for at least 3/4 years.


That way, the referee knows you inside out, incorporating your innate strengths and potential feats which will be in concord with your application essay. This synergy between both letters is in order.

>>Follow Up
After all, read and done, don’t just sit back and sleep over it. No mail carrier is going to come knocking on your door with a letter of acceptance. Follow it up by checking your mail now and then for any heads up by the school, organization or government body responsible for the scholarship you applied for.

You don’t want to go through all the hectic process and lose out on it, no thanks to your complacency.


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If you’re not an internet type, you could use the services of study abroad agencies whose niches covers scholarships and grant, and they’ll gladly pester you with updates as they roll in.

Hope this article Get Scholarship To Study Abroad From Nigeria has been a great blessing to you, learning is best understood when you learn in practice

So Start The Search Now… Search For Scholarship using the internet

Take Note: Never You Pay Someone money in other to get you a scholarship because there are a lot of fake scholarship scheme on the internet, so always play safe when you are searching the internet for availability of Latest Scholarship



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