Is Free Facebook Traffics Dead (Answer)

Recently people are complaining about how their Facebook post, profile, page, and Facebook group post is receiving low engagement, traffic, and click and most people among them are worried then asking if free Facebook traffic is dead.


Here Is The Direct Answer To (Is Free Facebook Traffics Dead)

The answer is No, free Facebook traffic is not dead, Facebook is much more alive just that a lot has changed recently across most social media platforms and here Facebook is not exempted


So getting deep engagement across Facebook as well as getting free traffic is not as easy as it use to be back in the years, because of the few changes Facebook had made and how people interact across social media nowadays


With the recent changes where Facebook profile accounts, pages, and groups post are getting light shadow banned, accounts getting shadow banned, posts getting canceled, and banned, while a lot of people’s posts are getting delisted from their News feeds, as well showed lesser


It’s very clear to all of us that, it’s now harder to get free organic traffic from Facebook, as you keep your post consistent, and creative

Is Free Facebook Traffics Dead

There is still a high possibility that only a few of your friends, follower, and Facebook users on Facebook that will see your post. Which will result to low traffics


Another Reason Why Free Traffic Is Limited Across Facebook Is

The coming of short videos, reels, and Tiktok has all changed how people communicate now across social media, that if you observe closely, you too understand that people communicate across social media has moved from text-based messages, and posts to now reels, short videos, Instagram and TikTok.


This has also low free traffic and engagement to normal Facebook profile posts, pages, or Facebook groups post mostly text-based messages


Free Facebook Traffic and the Effect Of Competition

With the high rate of competition, the internet is getting over-saturated, not excluding Facebook, competition has made it very hard for Facebook posts to be seen when it comes to anything free posted across Facebook profiles, pages, and groups


These days it’s clear that META owners of FACEBOOK Want you and me to use the boost system feature of Facebook to reach more people across Facebook and gain more traffic, so paid traffic is more relevant these days than just free posting


Forced Paid Ads System

Its fact that Facebook has to decrease organic reach so they can get more people to invest in paid ads leveraging the boosting post features across Facebook


Just like every other business the essence of every business including NGOs, Facebook, we NL SOFT owners of name but few are to make profits because without profits you and I will run out of business


In fact, without profits, your business will fail. This is one principle of marketing META owners of Facebook understand perfectly 


So let’s say Facebook now has an algorithm that limits or best lower how they distribute free posting to paid boosting as they keep encouraging people to go for paid ads traffic


It is certainly harder now than before when it comes to getting free traffic from Facebook, in fact, I now use both the Freebies method and paid boost to get all the results I need from just Facebook alone


You mustn’t depend on the free traffic method alone, find ways to budget for paid traffic, boost your post across Facebook, and see how far it will go, to me the results and returns on investment have always been win-wins


I’m now focusing less on free posting and more budget to paid ads methods because I was seeing free methods dying lately and can’t continue to be giving myself such low results


So, the free Facebook traffic method has not died but is now limited, so the call for you to upgrade to paid boosting is more than necessary.


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