Planning On Starting A Business Read This

First: Know that building a business is hard, there are some Skillset you will have, and it will be much easier for you to secure a job when compared to starting and building a business


 Maybe let’s say, you have an amazing business idea and want to take a step toward bringing it to reality. You’re excited to get started and you’re wondering what the next steps are. 


But before you take the plunge, there’s something you need to know – starting a business is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience


Let Me Tell You About My Little Experience

During my days of hosting seminars in then Port Harcourt, Lagos and Enugu, I normally tell my audience that is easier to find a job if you have skills, possibly the Skillset you have come to my seminar to acquire. I tell them that 


Is easier to find a job and harder to start a business, come to talk of building it up. Though few people then do argue with me, even when I explain to them that this is just my personal opinion, even to date, is still my opinion that finding a job is easier than creating job for yourself as an entrepreneur and much hard trying to build the business


Back then most of these people have come to learn Skillset from us, most of them aimed to start a business or even become an entrepreneur


Then here am telling them, starting a business is harder when compared to finding a job. I tell them that entrepreneurship is hard, and is not as easy as you hear, read and watch


That most time people use Hype to attract you to buy products from them, by telling you that starting a business or building an entrepreneurship career is easy when in actual sense is hard.


At one of my seminars back then in Port Harcourt, Mark Angel was my attendee and later enrolled in my youtube masterclass, this was before he started his comedy short skits, though he was nobody then. I don’t even know him as Mark Angel then


Then he is getting started but now has grown his skit career, not just him, a few others also made it to the moon, while a great number of people failed, we as NL_SOFT also failed for the past 5 years. LOL

Planning On Starting A Business, Read This

Even though my company also have failed for the past 5 years, when compared to the previous years, the Good thing is, we did not allow failure to close us off


We did not quit, though a lot has changed, including our niche focus, as we are now more into Publishing when compare to those days when we are into Information products, Bulk SMS Services, and Tech Consultation services


Yes we have had more failures in the past 5 years than we expected, but we never quit, we remain and was pushing slowly and steadily waiting for the moon again, and by God’s Grace next year my annual seminar will start again, this I thank God


I have missed a lot and have gathered more experience now, with love from all of us, NL_SOFT. Owners of Nairalearn Publishers worldforumlive. We can’t stop thanking God.


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