How Google Index And Rank Website

When it comes to website indexing and ranking, and how Google index and rank website, it’s important for you as a website owner, blogger, online business owner, affiliate marketer, content creator, etc to know how Google indexing and ranking works


First, it’s also important you know that Google indexing and website ranking are completely two different things


How Google, search engines index websites are completely different from how search engine to rank websites. And if you are an SEO professional, is also important you know all the differences in SEO terms, such as from crawler to Googlebot, discovered, indexed, ranked, etc


So let’s say, understanding how Google index and rank website, begins with you understanding how Google crawl website with it (Googlebot) then to, how google discovers website, to how index happens, and finally understanding how ranking work. So let’s start with


Understanding Crawler: Also referred to as bots, a crawled, means that the Googlebot has visited your website or web page and that’s all


For example, Googlebot can visit your website or a web page in what we refer to as ”crawl your website”, but no indexing and no ranking is guaranteed


Understanding Discovered. The search engine here can discover your website or web pages, blog posts, etc. To discover simple means that. AFTER Googlebot crawls your website or web page, it discovered the website and web link(s) that exist on your website.

How Google Index And Rank Website

So let’s say. Crawled means google has discovered your website and has not indexed it yet. So fast forward to understanding indexing


Understanding Indexed. It means that the Googlebot has first, crawled the website, and web page, and secondly, added it into google’s index so that when you search for that page in google you can see it. 


But notice that I said “when you search for the page“, not for the keywords that the page targets as these are 2 different things, a big differences between page ranks and keywords ranks


For example. You may write a post on how to rank a website, publish it on your website as


Now when Google crawls your website and index this particular page ( and you copy this page and search on Google you will find it


But when you use the keyword (How To Rank Website) and search on google, such a page does not seem to appear on SERPs. That simply shows there are different search


The other is ranking by page URL, while the other is ranking, occupying the first pages of Google SERPs. Hope you understand better now, I can hear you say ”YES” so let proceed


Again, because repetition has always been the mother of learning, let’s say, you went on Google, typed a page (URL) like into google, and you were unable to see this page on SERPs result which means that the page is indexed, but it doesn’t mean that it ranks on the specific keyword (whatever) is targeting.


Typing the keyword “whatever” topic targets” into google and seeing the URL coming up (preferably in the top 10) means that the page ranks and this is exactly what you want to happen to all of your pages/sites


But for this to happen you first need to have Googlebot crawl your page, then have Googlebot index your page, and after these 2 operations have taken place you need to work towards ranking the page by doing proper SEO


Building quality links, optimizing your pages, optimizing the content, making sure your website load fast, running site promotions, increasing your brand’s awareness, buying PPC, stuff like this, and many distribution systems. All to rank your website


Ranking a website is not by lock, you have to work for it after Google has crawled your website, discovered your website, and indexed your website.


Here Google may not be able to rank your website on whatever keyword you are targeting, so you have to work on getting your website, and web pages rank on whatever keywords you are targeting. Hope you are getting it.


What I’m telling you here are things we SEO professionals charge a good amount of money to tell clients, so be glad you are seeing this post all for free


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So back to understanding how Google index and rank website Just as I said, it begins when crawled as Googlebot visit your website, then discovered your website, web pages, blog post, images, etc


And proceed to index your website, and web pages, and finally rank. If you take notice, all these 4 stages are 4 different things put together


While the four stages are important, sadly it’s only the final stage which is ranking that can make you money from SERPs (SEO) traffics


Website and web pages can’t get ranked on SERPs without being first crawled, indexed, and finally ranked. If you did your work well. You may be ranked on the first page of SERPs, if you fail you will not be ranked on the first pages


The above is simply how Google index and rank website, web pages, blog post, images, videos as well as Youtube videos, Though there are slightly different when it comes to Youtube video ranking


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Final Tips On This. When it comes to ranking websites and webpages on the first page of Google, only indexes are not enough for ranking, in fact, only writing high-quality contents are also not enough


You must combine, Off-page SEO, and get your technical SEO right, when all these are in place, then you stand a better chance of ranking on the first pages of SERPs in your target keywords


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PLEASE REMEMBER ONCE AGAIN: That’s because you don’t rank. To rank, you need to do SEO (analyze your competition to figure out how to outrank them, optimize your content for the target keyword, build links to your page, fix your site’s technical issues if there are any, by doing all that, following these tips ”How Google Index And Rank Website” you stand a better chance of ranking on Google first page.



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