How to grow your business in less than 6 Months: 4 winning strategies

How to grow your business in less than 6 Months: 4 winning strategies

What prompted this writing was the question one of my ”customer” insiders asked. in his words, he wanted to find out

How long does it take a ‘Business’ to pick up?

Which I simply gave him an answer

Here was my answer

Dear friend, with the availabilities of today innovative technologies, Businesses need at least 6 months, a year or up to one year and 6 months to pick up

How long does it take a Business to pick up

So it interests me to also share the knowledge with you guys, so pay attention to what I am about to say in this article.

There are businesses across the globe that are doing great, many in Africa that some of the founder, co-founders are still in there under 30, early 30s years old and more

A lot of African business owners including those from my country home Nigeria is doing well, globally

And I believe this article ‘How to grow your business in less than 6 Months: 4 winning strategies’ will benefit you a lot, it doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, what matters is you accepting to reposition your business for faster growth

How to grow your business in less than 6 Months 4 winning strategies

In 2021 it feels so good having your business online, at least it helps you to connect with the global world and that is lovely

But the questions some startups, business owners, entrepreneurs have been asking, just the same way my customer asks. Is ”How long does it take a business to pick up?

So because repetition is part of learning, let me answer it again.

Businesses need at least 6 months, a year or one year and six months to pick up and have this in mind that in today online business, you need patience, patience is a virtue in today business

While observing patience in business, you also need to be working smart, having good plans, and working consistently

For your business to pick up in six months, one year, etc there is no success without hard work. not just the hard work, but working smart

Is never mandatory for Everyone to work hard, but it’s now mandatory for everyone to work smart “working smarter, not harder” these days

But what if you do both? that is, you work smarter, your work harder then try to combine both into your business activities, the both will sky rock your business within a short period

A business only has a year to become profitable and viable, unless you have massive savings to live off of… make it count.


Business growth brings happiness, motivates you to keep practicing

Happiness is the most important of all. These sound super cheesy and mushy, seeing your business succeeding will be enough reasons for you to keep the smart work and hard work going

But what if you have done everything possible to see to the growth of your business, and yet nothing is working

What if you have done all that needs to be done for your business to pick up and start to bring you greater profit, and yet nothing is happening

Instead of your business to be growing with many profits, it seems not to but only stagnant, no profits, low sales, and many more discouraging results


What should you do?  should you find your business in this mess?

1: You need to hire an expert, a business analytic expert to analyze your overall business, 

2: You also need an SEO Expert who is also good at internet marketing. 

The good news is, you can get in touch with the noble me, Developer Mbonu Watson C on +2348068608490, contact me now, let get your business fix, then you watch how fast your business will pick up with crazy sales and profits


3: You need to get access to The Nigeria Business Directory Database, Being the over 70% Databases of Business in Nigeria, which contains business names, addresses, contact info, such as email address, websites, location address, etc. name of business, company or NGO Owners

If you have been promoting your business across other platforms of your choice, promoting your business to Business Owners, of which 80% of these people have the money to patronize your business. 

This will help your business pick UP so fast if only you can get your marketing using the Nigeria Business Directory List DATABASE Correctly and consistently, then you are sure of having a successful business that will outgrow your expectations


4: Getting also the GSM Database of Nigeria, with the help of WhatsApp Bulk Sender, you can get this database, is about 80 Million GSM Phone numbers of Nigerians well arranged by state by state, local government by local government, how this work is simple

When you get it, kindly download it, the Get the WhatsApp Bulk Sender Here, the use the WhatsApp Bulk Sender App to be sending bulk WhatsApp messages to the users of the database 

Whose numbers are on WhatsApp, You can as well use Bulk SMS To send hundreds to thousands of daily messages to numbers, not on WhatsApp

Combining these few marketing skills will indeed grow your business overnight, that in less than 6 months your business will surely pick up and you will love the winning

Last but not the least, The Bonus tips here

5: Get The Email Address Database of Any Country or multiple countries of your CHOICE in which your business products and services are targeting. e,g the Email database of Nigerians

Getting any of these does not mean that you will get instant success, you still need to work, plan, market, market smarter, learn to engage with your audience, learn smart email marketing, learn and practice, unlearn things that are not working, put in more on things that are working

In all, you just have to get going, keep marketing, keep putting, keep networking, be patient, is just a matter of time, you will start getting a great result until then you will love how far you have come, putting all these into practice


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Should in case you feel like connecting to us, you can do that by saving our WhatsApp Number +2348068608490 and give us a WhatsApp message or best SMS, call, we do love to hear from you

Have your opinion on this ‘How to grow your business in less than 6 Months: 4 winning strategies’ use the comment box to drop your comment. Stay safe, be happy, stay focused, work not just harder but smarter. too soon your hustle will pay

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