When The Opportunity Is Not Given, Learn To Create It

When The Opportunity Is Not Given, Learn To Create It

In Africa Nigeria where I come from, there are great talents, I mean raw talents in their numbers, but with zero opportunity, poor government policies, the chances of one making it now looks slimes and impossible

This is not just about people or happening to people in Africa alone, it a global menace, globally humans are very much talented, but with slime or worst zero opportunity given to them, humanity is now prone with more sufferer

I have long ago seen the world as a universal of talented people, the media does their best to report most of this problem, the government and democracies that are supposed to fix it, doe noting but to worsen the state of mankind

The government is supposed to create enabling environment for all, create jobs, make policies that will favor the masses, create opportunities for these raw talents to excel

Are the ones killing these talents, instead of these talents being polished, they are endangered by the people around the government

Yet the majority of people despite all odd, when the opportunity is not given strive to take it by creating the enabling opportunities for themselves

When The Opportunity Is Not Given, Learn To Create It

Most time when I see how talented humans are and how the political system has failed us, the educational system failed, the health system failed us, the bad government, the politicians failed us, and evil policies which are at the advantage of the politicians also failed the Nigeria masses, I feel hopeless

This is one thing that has kept a lot of people in this part of the world going, yes the Government has failed us, the system has failed us, but we should not follow suit to fail our self, we must work, learn new things, and striving in creating opportunities for our self

Am learning how to stop reporting problems but rather being among the people finding solutions to fix the problem, most of the problems with Nigeria has been for decades

Has been reported over and over but yet no solutions have been made as none of the problems has been solved, so the consistent reporting system is no longer working

Do you know, the world’s greatest untapped resource is the vast potential of people, yes the people and most of this great potential are buried when will fail to educate our minds, brighten up our gift, our talents, be brave never TO depend on people, including the government

People, everyone is gifted, naturally, environmentally, educationally, skill-wise, people are talented:

Though a lot of people who are not fully nurtured or educated, but still possess great talents, a reminder of how much we stand to gain if we start focusing ON our gifting’s, our potentials, then will understand that irrespective of poor government policies, here in Africa

 If the opportunities are not given, we still stand a great chance of creating greater opportunities for all of us.

If we start to invest in learning, invest in our self, we could make a better investment in human capital, the human capital development stands today as one of the greatest investments of all time


We Keep Failing On Developing Human Capital

Developing human capital is what Africa leaders and African masses have failed over the years and are still lacking to date, if only African nations will realize this fact and start building human capital, then shortly Africa will lead while the rest of the world will follow

But what can we say, when the opportunity is not given, then one has to be wiser to create it. Learn to start creating opportunities for yourself, when the availabilities are not there

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